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20 Tips for Online Shopping Safely

Are you sure your online shopping is safe? There are many ways where you can lose your identity and misused. Here are twenty tips for Online Shopping which will help you to do safe online shopping.

Online shopping

1. Make sure you have installed internet security on your PC. This is the basic step which will help you to protect not only in online shopping but from other viruses and Trojan attacks.

2. Install Secure browser on your PC which will help to protect you from the spyware and phishing sites. There will be warning when any website try to make suspicious activities.

3. Coupon codes are plus where you can save money. Look out for these coupon code available on certain sites and offers.

4. Its nice when you have Gift card deals which will available with the discounts. You can collect them with offers and discounts available on shopping websites.

5. Its safe when you Shop from home as there it is more risky from publicly accessible computers.

6. Email advertising is always a platform for online shopping. Not all the emails are trust-able so make sure that you don’t fall for the attractive advertising which is really attractive.

7. Shop on trust-able websites will be always safe. Ask for your friends who have already ordered products from the shopping websites and their experience.

8. Make sure that you have different passwords for every online shopping website. This will ensure that you haven’t use same key for all the locks.

9. Look out for the reviews of the online shopping websites which will definitely help you to consider the safe website for shopping.

10. Now a days most of us use mobile phones and tablets for the online shopping which is not that secured as the PC at home. Make sure you do online shopping on mobility in demanding and urgent cases.

11. Check for “s” which is identity verified and secured website URL of your online shopping website as it should be “https://” not “http://”.

12. Always read Privacy policy and terms of the website. There are policies for the payment methods to the delivery of the product. So make sure you read before shop.

13. Don’t put all your information while signing up or filling the form for the online shopping such as your birth date and social security number.

14. Check the price before you shop as there can be extra price added to the products for shop. This can be done by checking things on the comparing websites.

15. Pay by Credit card is safer as most of the credit card companies provide fraud purchase recovery and protection from identity theft that debit card don’t.

16. Once you ordered online shopping, Save the copy of receipt on your PC or print it as a proof of purchase.

17. Print the terms and the privacy policy as these website can change their terms and policies anytime in future.

18. Make sure you someone is there to take order at home when you are not available. You can order it to your office address in case nobody can receive at home.

19. Judge the quality and condition of the delivered product. Also ask for the replacement or money back if the product is not in good condition. Also check the website with 30 days return policy which is good option.

20. Finally check your statements regularly to verify the amount has charged as the price of the product buy from the shopping website. Also register for the mobile alerts for the transactions of the bank accounts.

Have a Happy Shopping!

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  5. These are considerable tips to secure people from online frauds and getting the advantage of online offers. People should be aware these great points listed above while shopping online.

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