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All Google Updates in 2012 – [Infographic]

This is the Infographic for those people who still want to know what updates Google have produced in 2012. Its a complete package of 2012 Google update with major updates like Penguin and Exact match domains. The optimizer with websites affected by these Google update has know the exact date and effects.

Here you can find most updates with the Google panda 3.2 to 23. For me there are two updates which really cost many SEO’s for their selection of the trendy methods. Exact match domain update has cost most of the website in the industry who ranked easily on the Google SERP’s with few link building. When it comes to the old method link building and its consequences then its called as Google Penguin update. This update has kicked out spammers and black hat SEO’s out from the Google SERP’s.

Google Search Algorithm Updates in 2012


Courtesy of: E2M Solutions

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