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Amazing Google Santa Tracker

The old tracking service of NORAD has taken by Google which is offering Santa tracker since 1955. This happened in 2007 where Google has become the partner of the NORAD Santa tracker. This service has grew up so fast and successful that other have started giving up on the competition.

Google now presented the Santa tracker service of its own:

Currently it is showing the countdown clock of the Christmas eve. and at the bottom of it the village have been shown with Christmas theme. This village is very pretty and includes the Christmas trees, homes, candies and some entertaining playing games.

You will find the two arrows pointing left and right on the mouse over on those the screen will move. This Santa village is having some small and amazing playing games. On clicking it will start loading the game and then in some time you can start play.

There are small games like Jetpack, Present drop and Racing where you can try your best score and then submit to the social platforms like Google +, Facebook and twitter. There are the links at the bottom of the left hand side about the Santa tracker profiles on Social platforms.

There is one more interesting thing like record a call with Santa. Here you will have a discussion with the Santa and you will ask for the person to send the Christmas gift. This is good innovation by the Google towards the users to celebrate the Christmas very nicely.

Below are the screen shots of the Games that you can find and play on this Santa tracker:


Present Drop:

Santa Race:

Have a great time with this Google’s Santa tracker. Wish you happy Christmas in advance.

Here is the link for Santa tracker.

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