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Amazing Santa Tracker Countdown Unleashed

The Google Santa tracker has already unleashed 23 things for the countdown to the Santa preparation for the Christmas eve. The clock is still ticking and shows 1 day to go to. One more item to unleash in the Santa tracker for the 24th day. I loved the sequence of the Santa tracking by Google.

Santa tracker

I am tracking this Google Santa tracker since the first day. I have published about the same earlier on the post “Grooving once again with Google Santa tracker 2013“. As on today the calender for the Google Santa tracker has shown 24 day of revealed items. There are few games like racing on Santa ride, catching gifts, matching the windows and practicing gift delivery.

Santa Calender

Its nice to see the sequence process for the Christmas as there are candy and chocolate making, gift packing, training and fun. There are two video’s which are nice for the Google Santa tracking. Check out my last year’s Google Santa tracking post “Amazing Google Santa Tracker” and “Santa Christmas Presents on Google Santa tracker“.


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