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Kevin Maddox blogs about web design and web industry trends, and in his spare time freelances as a designer. He’s fascinated by the early history of the Internet, and recommends Webigence if you want a well-designed website.

The Evolution of Web Design Since the Internet Began

Evolution in Web Design

While we see websites every day (or at least most of us do), it’s hard to remember at times what old sites used to look like; sites that would once have been viewed as cutting edge now seem horribly dated – probably the same will be said about our websites in the future. In the space of less than 20 …

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One Way Link Building and Importance of Infographics

On the online world, there are so many websites, which are not possible for anyone to list up. Among-st all these websites, some are better than others. Betterment comes in different forms; some websites have more appealing content than other sites whilst some have smooth interface and easy navigation. There’s one thing that matters highly when it comes to popularity of a …

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Increased Importance of Web Designing and Suggestions from SEO Expert

There are so many websites on the internet and more websites are being developed every day. As the number of websites is steadily increasing, quantity is becoming secondary and quality pivotal. When users visit a website, they expect it to be user-friendly and attractive. Due to this, the importance of web designing is going up. A website with eye-catchy and …

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