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Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet , a personal finance site dedicated to helping consumers find the best deals online.

Business Basics: What Not to Do On Facebook

Facebook Business

With over a billion users, Facebook is becoming an elite social media network not only for family and friends, but businesses as well. Although many are hopping aboard the social media marketing train, it’s crucial to know that Facebook for businesses isn’t just a promotion site – it’s a platform for building relationships with customers conveniently online. Knowing your social …

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How to Hire a Social Media Marketing Professional

Social Media Marketing Professional

Before you hire a social media marketing professional, you should know which qualities to look for. Hiring the wrong person could end up harming your business and destroying your brand’s reputation. Many individuals may claim to be social media marketing professionals in order to get a job, but they will not fulfill all of the responsibilities that they should. Here …

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