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Business Basics: What Not to Do On Facebook

With over a billion users, Facebook is becoming an elite social media network not only for family and friends, but businesses as well. Although many are hopping aboard the social media marketing train, it’s crucial to know that Facebook for businesses isn’t just a promotion site – it’s a platform for building relationships with customers conveniently online. Knowing your social media netiquette can help build your brand and business, so learn to do the right things on your Facebook business page and watch the sales roll in.

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1. Focusing Too Much on the Number of Facebook Fans and Likes

Although it may seem encouraging to see your fans and likes increase overtime, it doesn’t mean that each like or fan is a customer. You don’t know the reason why people become fans on your Facebook business page; they could simply like your products, but don’t intend to buy. Instead of focusing on how many fans or likes you have, focus on how you can engage your fans or learn more about them to see if you can create other products that they’d want to buy. You can have a poll on Facebook or directly ask in a post what your customers would like to see you create and sell.

2. Thinking that a Facebook Page is Free Advertising

Wondering why sales aren’t coming in? Countless business owners think that all they need to do is promote their products through Facebook posts and fans will magically appear. Unfortunately, that’s never the case. Facebook is simply a tool for business owners to use for socializing with their customers and getting their business names out there.

Use Facebook as a medium to build your relationships with customers instead of spamming them with product promotions. Target your audience by using Facebook advertisements. With Facebook advertisements, you’re able to control the location, gender, and age groups you want to target. You’re also in control over your budget, so you can avoid putting a hole in your wallet. Don’t forget that word-of-mouth is still an effective advertising technique; share interesting links or photos related to your business that you think people would share on their Facebook profiles.

3. Being Too Impersonal or Personal with Facebook Posts

There’s a fine line between robotic and TMI Facebook posts. Some business owners don’t engage their customers warmly and state posts in a matter-of-fact tone without personality. Other business owners get too personal and talk badly about competitors or give their personal opinions on sensitive subjects, such as politics. All you need to do is keep posts engaging and relevant to your business. Use personal pronouns in Facebook posts and friendly emoticons to keep your posts light and positive. You also want to fill out your Facebook page information for your business to make it more personal, but not cross the line, with your customers. For instance, fill out company milestones to let your Facebook fans see how your business progressed.

4. Not Utilizing Facebook Applications

Making your business Facebook page interesting and engaging for customers is one of the main factors in creating a successful Facebook page. With Facebook applications, you’re able to give your fans more than just Facebook posts. You can add a signup form for your newsletter or you can set up an event calendar for your fans to see what you’re up to every month. Giveaways can also be implemented with Facebook applications, so it’s another great tool that Facebook provides to help your business grows.

5. Selling or Promoting Your Product

It’s true that you want your Facebook fans to buy your products, so you can make money. But spamming your fans with product promotions and sales isn’t the way to win their hearts or their money. Using phrases, such as “Buy it now!” or “FREE gift with purchase!” is unattractive because of the way it’s used. Customers don’t want to feel pressured into buying your products.

Instead of using these in-your-face phrases, be softer in your delivery and allow your customers to choose. For example, if you’re creating a new product, give them a “teaser” photo of the product you’re working on and highlight some of its features. When you’re offering a free item with customer purchases, allow your customers choose which free item they want to have instead of giving them a random one that they might toss out. There are countless ways to be subtle about your promotion, so be creative about it.

Learning to do the right things for your Facebook business page can save you a lot of humiliation and time. With some fine tuning and effort, your Facebook page will be booming with not only fans, but customers as well.

Sara Collins

Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet , a personal finance site dedicated to helping consumers find the best deals online.

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Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet , a personal finance site dedicated to helping consumers find the best deals online.

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