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11 alternate ways to top search engine results

Multiple pages from same domain

Every search engine optimizer work hard to get their keyword ranking on the top of the search engine result page. Hence I mentioned some alternatives to boost search engine ranking apart from the traditional link building activities. Some of the alternatives will need the part of traditional link building. This days Google has been very strict for the over optimization …

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10 important factors to consider before linking to any websites

Link building factors

Do you have any certain procedure to check the linking website quality before linking to them? I am sure every search engine optimizer does have one! But is that enough? Does that give the value for the efforts given? It’s an important thing which every search engine optimizer needs to take in the account. As we know Google has two …

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Making The Most of Your SEO Techniques In Competitive Niches

It can be quite a daunting task in finding out ways as to how to tackle SEO in competitive niches. The search engines are normally saturated with information related to Niches deemed as competitive. Some would make use of black hat SEO techniques to give them an unfair advantage over their competitors. Unfortunately for them Google clamped down on most …

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All Google Updates in 2012 – [Infographic]

This is the Infographic for those people who still want to know what updates Google have produced in 2012. Its a complete package of 2012 Google update with major updates like Penguin and Exact match domains. The optimizer with websites affected by these Google update has know the exact date and effects. Here you can find most updates with the …

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What SEO link builders should do in 2013

Link Building

One day i was so happy when i saw some back links for your website bring rankings in search engines. That time the importance of the SEO has not been so concluded as it is now. Google is beware of spammers and black hat user who had great time earning money by doing little work but it is not the case right now. Many …

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SEO tip: don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Dont put all your eggs in one basket

It’s very clear to understand by the heading of this post says. Though the question comes in mind is “why not put all your eggs in one basket” for the SEO. Here the eggs means efforts, money, time given to the betterment of SEO for your websites. Most importantly that its like if you get in to the bad phrase of traffic drop …

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Why SEO more of content publishing than link building in 2013

link building in 2013

I am more content publisher than link builder for the SEO in 2013. Its a new era of SEO where the change has been occur in the techniques of SEO due to Google’s new authorship update. I have explain the importance of the Google authorship in the  post Why Author Rank is important SEO in 2013. Why content publishing is in …

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Why Author Rank is important SEO in 2013

author rank

Many of us have seen the Google search results with the author photos and details of Google plus. This Major change of the Google search rankings has made an impact on the users and the click through ratio of other results. What is Author Rank? Its a ranking of author on the internet world. This determines the value of the author …

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My SEO tips for 2013


As we know that SEO in past years have evolved rapidly. The best part of the change is that search engines like Google has affected spam websites that were ruining the user search. Why SEO in 2013 need to change Google has came with series of updates in past two years. The updates like Google Panda, Google Penguin were the …

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How SEO changed in year 2012

This year 2012 was very challenging for all the search engine optimizer’s. Google have come up with major changes to its search engine which has affected many websites and their revenues. Many have got penalties and some have got the best profit for their work. We always checking out for the best method that will add more benefits to the keyword search engine …

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