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How to use Geo targeting in Google webmaster tool


Its something different when you see a country tag is seen in the Google search results. And immediately you will know that this site is country specific. This term is used to target country specific domains. There are many websites which are having business in single country. Small business owners are mainly comes into this category and will be beneficial for them. …

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Why Google+ Profile is valuable in SEO?

Google Plus Communities

Here is the Infographic on Google+ profile importance by searchenginepeople.com, As we know that Google+ is the network which is operated by SEO’s are getting more exposure to the audience and targeted users. Here we will know how Google+ is important with its large area of expansion. Also some facts about Google+ that are the things which can be the factors to …

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How to avoid getting de-indexed by Google?

Deindex by google

Here are some ways to avoid getting de- indexed by Google. I know this is the thing which is the most worse thing to happen for the webmasters. This is the nightmare for the website which brings visits more than 1-5 k. Hence here are the some things which you need to consider to be observed for your website. Google can de-indexed your …

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How to stay away from Google penalties

From last two years Google has come up with the algorithm changes which i already mentioned in the last post. Here i am going to explain how to stay away from the Google penalties. This penalties will drop your traffic from Google search engine. What is Google Penalty? Google have certain algorithms to control the spam which try to overcome …

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Google Algorithm timeline with Celebrities

Fast & Furious 6

Here is the Google algorithm journey timeline by infographic with events of celebrities. You will now see the journey of the Google updates with the time. The best part is that you can remember it with the celebrity events that happened at the same time. Like “No Follow” was introduced by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to stop the spam in 2005 as …

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Competitor Analysis for SEO

As i have worked on websites with few pages as well as websites with million pages, its seem like there is good amount of competition for each and every category. We want to rank our sites on the top of the Google search results. So we go for many ways to bring it. The one thing that is more important …

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How SEO evolved: My review

I have started Search Engine Optimization in terms of link building to begin with. It was the era where all the SEO’s are more focused on the link building rather than the website on page optimization. The major attacked search engine is Google so all the efforts majorly seen for it. You could consider a website with more back links …

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Why reviews are important for local SEO?

local reviews

I am working on the local search engine for my company. I have seen lots of my competitors over the years with good amount of success and that certainly make me amazed. The difference i found that the count of reviews. This is the major part when it comes to the SEO, any part of SEO does comes with the quantity and …

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