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Google Happy Earth Day Doodle rocks

Earth day 1

The best things you can find special for the special days like Earth day is on the Google doodle. I have seen very amazing Doodles by Google for the special occasion and it has certainly made an impact on my mind. It gives me the chance to remember some great things in the world and inspire me to inspire myself …

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My Resolutions for New Year 2014

Happy new year 2014

The year 2013 has taught me a lot and makes me feel and enjoy life in various ways. I want to count on New Year with some resolutions which I want to keep on focus so that I can achieve which I have planned. I know you too want to keep a promise to stay focus on your resolutions this …

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Amazing Santa Tracker Countdown Unleashed

Santa tracker

The Google Santa tracker has already unleashed 23 things for the countdown to the Santa preparation for the Christmas eve. The clock is still ticking and shows 1 day to go to. One more item to unleash in the Santa tracker for the 24th day. I loved the sequence of the Santa tracking by Google. I am tracking this Google …

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Grooving once again with Google Santa tracker 2013

Santa Tracker 1

Once again we can Track Santa for this New Year’s Eve. Last year I have written on Amazing Google Santa tracker 2012 and explain how Google is making us feel the Christmas coming soon. This year Google is providing amazing to grooving experience to all of us. There are many new things appears and add many games which unlocks on each …

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Cricket retires with Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar retires

“I am a big fan of cricket” being said that I always wanted to see the cricketing legend “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” while he plays cricket match weather it is for India or Mumbai Indians. Unfortunately, there won’t be Sachin Tendulkar playing for India in the international cricket matches here onwards. I am very proud that Sachin Tendulkar played cricket for …

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Doodle for Google India homepage on Children’s Day 2013

New Google Doodle

Children Day Doodle in Google India has been designed from Pune by 10 year students. This Doodle called as “sky’s the limit for Indian Women“and has been designed for Doodle 4 Google competition theme to celebrate the fifth edition of Indian women in India by Gayatri Ketharaman. “Each letter in Doodle depicts the characteristics of Indian women for her graceful …

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Google doodle for Hermann Rorschach 129th birthday celebrated by Google

Google Doodle 1

I am getting fan of Google’s doodle over the years now. This time they are celebrating famous psychoanalyst’s Hermann Rorschach 129th birthday showing his famous inkblot test. Here I am giving you the biography of his. Rorschach was born in Zurich and spent his childhood and youth in Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. He knew his school friends as Klecks or …

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Celebrating eco friendly Diwali – Part ll

eco friendly diwali

In the continuation with the last year post Celebrating eco friendly Diwali I would like to add some new thoughts on this post (part ll). Diwali is one of my favorite festival and always wanted to celebrate with all the joy i could bring to my family and friends. Since, i started understanding the bad effects of some festive culture, I started …

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Latest iPhone Apps for Home Improvements

iPhone App Home

Home improvement apps can play a big role in changing the appearance of your home and help you to control various aspects of your home. You can integrate sky telephone number in one of the apps for latest news and programs. Consumerreports.org – on this app you can integrate sky telephone number for free mobile news and information for home …

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Google Authorship initiated in image search

Authorship in Image search

Google has launches the Google authorship showing into the Google image searches. You can only see this when an image belongs to the blog or the author website where Google authorship has been already set. Google wanted to give the more exposure to the Google authors in terms of reaching to the each kind of users that they need for …

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