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John Wisden’s 187th Birthday on Google Doodle

Google Doodle John Wisden

Google is again come up with new doodle for John Wisden‘s 187th Birthday with very traditional style. Born at Brighton on September 5, 1826 John Wisden was English cricketer who played 187 cricket matches for English county cricket teams like Kent, Sussex and Middlesex. Google has found the coincident where John Wisden has played 187 cricket matches and now it’s 187th birthday. …

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New Animated Google Doodle for Claude Debussy 151st birthday

Claude Debussy

Another very fascinating Google Doodle update on Claude Debussy 151st birthday. Achille Claude Debussy (22 August 1862 – 25 March 1918) was a French composer. He was one of the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music Along with Maurice Ravel, though he himself intensely disliked the term when applied to his compositions. In France, he was made Chevalier of the Legion …

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Ten ways to secure Your Wireless Internet Connection from Hackers

Secure Your Wireless Internet Connection from Hackers

Many would be an agreement that the internet has improved standard of living and business productivity and possibilities dramatically. However there is one challenge the internet poses and this is in the form of security. Unfortunately the issue of hackers is a colossal one. Nevertheless, there are ways you can secure your connection from this threat. Because of the integration …

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Just Dial launches iPhone App for local search

iPhone App 1

Just Dial, India’s leading local search engine, has launched its latest mobile App, the JD iPhone App for iPhone users. This is their second mobile App after the Justdial Android App which was one of the most successful Apps in the Google Play store and had over 1203500+ downloads. The Justdial iPhone App has a similar functionality like the Android …

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Google doodle’s first passenger train of India

Google Doodle

Today 16th April 2013 Google has launch new doodle for India’s first passenger train which has completed 160 years. Its a celebration of history of Indian railways success and which has come up with amazing mega structure and development on recent times. The first passenger train to be start in the India is from Bori Bandar (Mumbai/Bombay) to the city …

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Celebrating Dry and Eco-friendly Holi

Dry and Eco friendly Holi

This year I am going to remove “bhige” from the the best suitable song of the Holi “Rang Barse Bhige Chunar Wali”. I know that I cant change the song but can change the mind of people to stop using water for the Holi celebration. When I was kid and used to play with colors and water to celebrate the …

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Google doodle for heliocentric model of Nicolaus Copernicus

Google Doodle

Google has been celebrating worlds most famous and outstanding person birthdays by giving the users an ultimate recognition by making amazing Google doodle’s. Today i have seen the Google doodle celebrating birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus. The doodle is the heliocentric model of the mini solar system. Here is the screen shot that will give you an idea. Since this Google doodle of Nicolaus Copernicus is …

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Upgraded Google+ Hangout in Gmail

Hangouts in Gmail

Today i logged in my Gmail account and found one pop up on the left hand side menu saying “Hangouts in Gmail”. There was this option in Google+ account as this is now upgraded. The options this Hangout gives is now extended to nine people video chat. Google+ hangouts are now getting famous for the Google users. Learn more about Google+ …

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New update for Google page rank

Google Page Rank

Its time for another update for Google page rank and it happened on 4th February 2013. Most of the website has improved their page rank with real boost. We are always check the page rank of the website for the analysis of the quality of the website. Google takes six months to update the page rank for all the websites globally. …

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