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Google Upgrade New Image Search

Google new image search

It was reported that Google upgrading new image search last week which is now publicly announced. This is one of the best user oriented upgrade by Google. As this will enhance the experience of users while searching image. Also to view images in large size with only one click. Below you can see the larger view of the image search of Google. …

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20 Tips for Online Shopping Safely

Online shopping

Are you sure your online shopping is safe? There are many ways where you can lose your identity and misused. Here are twenty tips for Online Shopping which will help you to do safe online shopping. 1. Make sure you have installed internet security on your PC. This is the basic step which will help you to protect not only in …

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ODI retires from Cricket

Yes! you wont believe that i use “ODI” instead of the Master Blaster, God of Cricket or Sachin Tendulkar. This is one of the bad news for the Sachin fans and cricket lovers. This news announced on the December 23rd and all the Indians have got sad. Sachin Tendulkar in his statement “I have decided to retire from the One …

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Santa Christmas Presents on Google Santa tracker

Santa Dashboard

On the occasion of this Christmas eve the Santa Claus has given more than 2 billion presents across the world with travelling almost 30 lac kilometers. This is definitely the statistics where we can believe by looking at the Google Santa tracker. As previously this Santa tracker has the countdown clock for the Christmas eve which i already explain in …

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Amazing Google Santa Tracker

The old tracking service of NORAD has taken by Google which is offering Santa tracker since 1955. This happened in 2007 where Google has become the partner of the NORAD Santa tracker. This service has grew up so fast and successful that other have started giving up on the competition. Google now presented the Santa tracker service of its own: …

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Celebrating eco friendly Diwali

Diwali is the festival which is celebrated in India with most unique things like diyas, sweets, crackers and new shopping. Diwali is the festival of lights and it makes all the homes bright with all the diyas and lights. You will find the lanterns hanged outside the houses. Rangoli is the biggest attraction for the people who visited their relatives …

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Know about my favorite food

I am big fan of Indian food though I prefer Chinese food often. If you ask me about veg or non-veg then I would go for non-veg but veg makes me satisfied with the awesome test. Veg anytime: Chapati with sabji is my weekday diet and it’s giving me the energy to do my daily work very fluently. Dal with …

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Play the music I am waiting for it

I should say that music is in my blood and I can’t live without it. The waves of all music are waving around me every time. I think music is everywhere and you can find it or you can assume that you have listening to the music. My favorite music is all kind of music like rock, hip-hop, classic, romantic, …

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No need of words in Friendship!

Friends are traveling in the same directions. They also have similar aspirations and goals and encourage them to each other in achieving these goals. Friends are not people who tear you down they are not people who are jealous. They are people who can help you develop your talents and gifts with thoughtful advice and guidance. True friendship means that …

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The Cup that Counts!

Every sport has its own spirit. The county sports has more competitiveness towards winning, and it goes to high level when it comes to the world wide competitions. As ICC has its own cup which counts in the very famous game called cricket. Though i found very few sports has this kind of spirits towards the world wide competitions. There …

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