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Celebrating Dry and Eco-friendly Holi

This year I am going to remove “bhige” from the the best suitable song of the Holi “Rang Barse Bhige Chunar Wali”. I know that I cant change the song but can change the mind of people to stop using water for the Holi celebration. When I was kid and used to play with colors and water to celebrate the best Indian festival known as Holi. Its time to change the way of celebration for the good things for others.

Dry and Eco friendly Holi

The need of change in the celebration of the festivals of India is the next big change. Indian festivals are very joyful and entertaining. There are many things that affect daily living life of many people around the world. Such as water, air, noise and soil pollution. Most of the people are aware of the fact that the celebrations goes in to the such extend which affects others. And this is happening since they started celebrating festivals.

Why we need to change our style of celebration? This question is important for all of us as the correct answer and implementation of that can change a lot things around us. Since I got educated enough to understand the situations occurs around me, I started changing myself and try to make people understand the importance of the change. Though, there are people you can call them “educated illiterate” who never try to change themselves according to the situation happening around them.

Dry and Eco friendly Holi 2

There are festivals in India such as Diwali and Holi are celebrated in such a way which cause every kind of pollution. I have wrote a post on Celebrating eco friendly Diwali. There are areas in India where people are dying because they don’t get enough water to survive and on the other side at the festivals like Holi is celebrated using tons of water.

I know its hard to change all people in less time but I think everybody should start taking initiatives which will help others. I wish you all a very happy Holi and lets play Holi with Dry and Eco friendly colors.

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  1. Nice Thought dude. It is very imperative for us to take part in storing water rather than wasting it. Also playing Eco friendly concept is the best way, one can go with. I hope people do read your post and they atually support on not wasting much of water.

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