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Celebrating eco friendly Diwali – Part ll

In the continuation with the last year post Celebrating eco friendly Diwali I would like to add some new thoughts on this post (part ll).

Diwali is one of my favorite festival and always wanted to celebrate with all the joy i could bring to my family and friends. Since, i started understanding the bad effects of some festive culture, I started not supporting it and that is fireworks which use in this Diwali festival.

eco friendly diwali

It says that after defeating Ravan, Ram return to India. For which all people are celebrating the win over bad. But, celebration which was still done in the past old methods which i can accept but there are some things which people used in this modern world to create some extra fun. They have started firework factories and started recruiting to make them for almost a year, which is where this festival is celebrated once in a year.

I totally agree that people says its win over bad, though still in this process we cause some bad effects on the environment. Fireworks which used here are filled with lots of raw fire material, which ultimately creates pollution and that is done all over India. We see things in a such a way where we don’t see any consequences.

anti cracker campaign

I have stooped myself for doing this activity since last 7 years and still want to see the same from your end. You can change the world but, first step starts from you! My friend Archana and her husband Prashant has started Anti cracker campaign on Facebook. You can support us by liking this page at Facebook.com/anticrackerscampaign

This Diwali brings a new change to my life and hope it has brought to yours as well. I wish you a very happy eco friendly Diwali. Stay focus and stay safe!

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  1. Great post Darshan. Firecrackers does no good for anyone. From aged people and people with high blood pressure to animals, everyone gets affected by the noise it causes. The decibel level gets raised extremely during this festival. Even normal healthy person has to suffer in the long run. Hope the awareness spreads and bursting of firecrackers gets reduced.

  2. I like the way you explain the adverse effects on the human race of its own religious activities and global warming.

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