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Darshan Beloshe Selected his best blog posts till Sep 2014 only for you

Its been after a long time I am posting blog here. I know its much better to stay connected to your readers like you. Get the most important feedback and suggestion. Hence, If you are just joined to read my blog then you can take a look at some blog post that I have written over the time. This posts are selected precisely to make sure you get the best written content by me.

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1) SEO tip: don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It’s very clear to understand by the heading of this post says. Though the question comes in mind is “why not put all your eggs in one basket” for the SEO. Here the eggs means efforts, money, time given to the betterment of SEO for your websites. Most importantly Read More

2) Top 10 tips for blog writing

Blog writing has become more challenging this days, so i come up with some tips that will help you write a good and nice blog that will bring traffic and engagement with readers Read More

3) 7 tips to develop personal branding online

Are you looking to make a career in your field and get the best opportunity out of it? What if your online personal branding will help you to build best career opportunities for you? Isn’t it the best way? Read More

4) My Resolutions for New Year 2014

The year 2013 has taught me a lot and makes me feel and enjoy life in various ways. I want to count on New Year with some resolutions which I want to keep on focus so that I can achieve which I have planned. I know you too want Read More

5) My Experience at SDX Search Dynamics 2014

It’s been a long time since I write about SEO on my blog! I know it was only about movie reviews in last few weeks hence sharing my experience at SDX Search Dynamics with you. I believe that Read More

6) My trip to Matheran

Matheran is the tourist place and hill station at the Karjat near Neral. Matheran means “forest on the forehead” which is pretty much describing what it is about. This place is one of the beauties from Read More

7) My Top 10 Movies of 2013

t’s been a fabulous year for movie watcher like me and had some awesome time to be the part of the movies that has sculpted my thinking. I do watch movie for entertainment Read More

8) How to avoid manipulative optimization techniques which can harm your sites

In the era of Google hunting over spamming every day the webmaster who wants to stay away from the penalties & ban from search engines needs to avoid the manipulative Read More

9) 20 Tips for Online Shopping Safely

Are you sure your online shopping is safe? There are many ways where you can lose your identity and misused. Here are twenty tips for Online Shopping which will help you to do safe online shopping Read More

10) Panchgani – Favorite place at my village

Panchgani is an awesome mountain range in the Krishna valley which is retreat. Panchgani is situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Panchgani is a famous hill station of Maharashtra which is Read More

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