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Doodle for Google India homepage on Children’s Day 2013

Children Day Doodle in Google India has been designed from Pune by 10 year students. This Doodle called as “sky’s the limit for Indian Women“and has been designed for Doodle 4 Google competition theme to celebrate the fifth edition of Indian women in India by Gayatri Ketharaman.

“Each letter in Doodle depicts the characteristics of Indian women for her graceful and elegancy balancing work and family. She is also better and also incarnation mother” said by co- educational schools of Bishop by Gayatri Ketharaman in Pune.

New Google Doodle

The winner is selected 12 finalists from around the country by a jury in different countries by the actress Kirron Kher and political cartoonist Ajit Ninan. With the national championship were also awarded three students divided into different categories.

Lucknow’s Madhuram Vatsal won a class of one from three categories. Doodle from Orissa’s Binita Biswajeeta as “Women are future, empower them better” won in class four to six categories. Bangalore’s Doodle name as “Indian women leading our country” won by Akash Shetty in the seven to ten categories.

This year’s competition received a total of 1.5 entries from 100 cities and 1500 schools. In 2012 the contest held around Doodle 4 Google and winner was Arun Kumar Yadav from class 9 from Kendriya Vidyalaya students from Chandigarh. In 2012 Doodle 4 Google winning entries selected last November 14 at Google India Web page titled as “India – a prism of Multiplicity.

Google 4 Doodle is an annual competition where Google invites students from grade 1 to 10 to make Google logo doodle and share their creativity. Google Doodle 2013 is the fifth year of the competition in India. Happy Children’s Day to All.

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