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Effective Ways for Gaining More Blogging Site Exposure

The following time-saving tips and tools can help anyone gain wider exposure of their blogging site, using social media.


One of the most effective methods to maximize marketing efforts is to use social media networking sites more efficiently through the automation process. Many sites offer the ability to automatically update their social network once the company or individual blog has been updated. It will automatically re-post the original content to every associated site on various networks. Utilizing automation allows every blogger the opportunity to gain huge amounts of exposure without the need to individually post identical content on every social media site.

Automation Tools

There are effective online tools that help in the automation process. Some allow the coordination of video postings or the blogger can simply submit a link or post directly to a huge array of network sites simultaneously.

To be effective, the updated post should only be updated to other networking sites that are relevant to the topic. By not following the simple guideline, the blogger can receive many negative comments or votes when the social media site viewer determines the updated content is nothing more than spam.


There are specific recommendations for using the automation to enhance blogging site exposure. These include:

1. Linking the Blog Directly to Facebook. There are specific applications for directly linking the blog to Facebook. The Facebook website will ask for blogging information. When prompted, it is easy for the blogger to simply walk through the process to ensure they are the actual author of the site.

2. Linking the Blog Directly to Linkedin. Anyone connected to a WordPress blog simply needs to follow the instructions in Applications. Once prompted, LinkedIn will automatically walk the blogger through the step-by-step process.

3. Linking the Blog Directly to Twitter. The useful website application Twitterfeed makes connecting the blogging site to Twitter an easy process. After verifying identities, Twitter will automatically add the blog for instant updating. However, it may take a few hours for the process to be completed.

4. Linking Facebook to Twitter/Twitter to Facebook. It is easy to set up Facebook to automatically post to Twitter, or the reverse. Any time an update is posted to one account, the news feed will automatically post it to the other.

Adding a Plug-In or Widget

Another valuable solution for automating the blogging site to gain more exposure is to use effective plug-ins and widgets. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, YouTube, Squidoo and others have a myriad of widgets that will automatically update across multiple social sites any time the blogging site is updated.

Plug-ins also offer a valuable solution for enhancing exposure to the company or individual blog. There are numerous WordPress plug-ins like the All in One SEO plug-in that will optimize search engine results to gain higher rankings anytime anyone is searching for content related to the blogging site. Additionally, WordPress’ WPtouch iPhone theme will instantly transform the blogging site into a mobile phone application theme. With literally thousands of available plug-ins, it is easy to enhance the exposure of the blogging site to gain a wider audience.

Staying Safe Online

It is more important than ever to maintain a high level of protection when connecting online. Because of this, maintaining a blogging site now requires using a quality VPN service (virtual private network) that sends information through encryption technology. This protects the blogger from any cyber attack, where a hacker could gain access to steal data, redirect embedded backlinks, or post blogs directly to the site.

With the ability to automate blogging posts to instantly update associated social media sites, it has never been easier to gain wider exposure to achieve a wider audience.

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Veronica Clyde reviews the best VPN providers at VPNServices.net. She loves to share Online Security, VPN technology and Blogging tips. If interested you can check out a Hide my ass.com review.

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Veronica Clyde reviews the best VPN providers at VPNServices.net. She loves to share Online Security, VPN technology and Blogging tips. If interested you can check out a Hide my ass.com review.

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