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Getting closer to the End of World

How would you react when you know that the end of the world is very near? Very shocking right? Yes the end of the world is getting closer! Hey, I am not saying this! its in the Mayan’s Calender. Obviously my intention here to not threat anyone about this thing but to share some things that was, are and will affect your life.


How many of you watched movie 2012? this movie is all about doomsday when the whole earth changes its disasters to extreme level. Emotions about the life on this planet is very edgy when its comes to the end of all. I want to mention some points that may change your thinking.

Will it really get important when you know that you have left very less time to live as compare to the our daily living? The answers now is very difficult, like this is the question for the situation that you are not in to.How many times you had thought that “i could have done that” or “i should have done that”? When you come across with this questions in your life you many times let it go, but my concern about this situation is more important.
To do one thing that you want in your life has no boundaries. This time remind us the things that we want to do, things that we want to change and the things that we want to spend. Hence the end of the word is might be the myth but it does remind us most important things. So the concern from my end is to remember that the life will not remind you things but you get some signs that will. Here onward we need to live our life as we want, Love our friends, family and special people. Time to amend or forgive things that happen in past. Live like you are dying tomorrow.
So, is the end of the world on 21 December 2012?

No, as this was the prediction from Sumerians that the planet Nibiru is headed towards the earth impact. Where there is no planetary which is align to impact on earth. Mayans calender is ending on 21 December 2012 just as our calender ends on 31 December. There will be no blackouts and Doomsday on earth. Live long life happily.

Image source: http://www.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID28220/images/2012-picture.jpg

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  1. looks very amazing my friend thanks for saying that the World is not gonna end. Now i can enjoy my life without fear of getting died by some Comet, blackout day and so on.

  2. nice post…
    death is something which makes us think a lot of things but like u said “Live like you are dying tomorrow.”

    have experienced a death of a dear one and also jotted my feeling abt it here…

    letting them know

    fear or fearless of death

  3. Its easier to balance on a string if you don’t see down. may be world ends or not continue to enjoy life and on 22 we can celebrate for not dying yupee!

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