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Goa – My best travel place ever

Dated 31st 2010 I was celebrating New Year eve in very exciting style. It was 3-4 day tour of Goa and it was pre-planned on the previous New Year eve on 2009. Recently I went to the Nashik and it is nearby the Mumbai city. The tour of Goa is one of my life memorable travelling experiences of all time.
I went to Goa with my best buddies and it was quite a lot fun. We went to the tour in a bus with the good guide. First day we went to the north Goa and then on the next day we went to the south Goa. The trip includes visiting some beaches in Goa and some fantastic places.
Beaches in Goa are one of the biggest points of attraction for all the tourists around the world. In all the beaches I have seen in Goa two beaches are like heaven. The Calangute beach and the Colva beach are the beaches where I lost myself into the dreaming world. We went to the Miramar beach which is quite good beach but we did not stop there for long time.
We visited to the one of the oldest church in the Goa. The Se Cathedral church is more than 450 years old church in the Goa. It was a wonderful experience in the middle of the church while lighting the candles. Then we went to the Museum where all the antiques and things have placed which was used by the Portuguese who have ruled on Goa. There we found more than 350 ganesh murties from the smallest to the biggest sizes.
The place we were planned to visit was not on the bus tour schedule the Fort Aguada. We went there on the third day of our tour. It was really special for us to go there and check out the place as we seen that place in the movie “Dil chahta Hai”. We had great photo session there with lots of places with my best buddies. Then we went to the fish aquarium where we hand over some sea-animals which was an such amazing experience. The aquarium has all kind of species of sea fish and animals.
On the 31st night we went on the cruise named “Santa Monica”. It was the first time I went on the cruise and it was really special time I have spent out there in my life. We party hard on the cruise and enjoyed the New Year eve with lots of fun.

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  1. No comparison with the beaches of Goa, really the most beautiful and exotic beaches. Calangute is the most busiest beaches in north Goa offering a variety of beach resorts in goa.

  2. Goa is aptly known for its beaches.But there’s is also so many famous forts which also very famous historical monuments. From all this my favorite is Chapora Fort. It receives thousands of tourists every year from the with in the country as well as outside.

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