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Google Authorship initiated in image search

Google has launches the Google authorship showing into the Google image searches. You can only see this when an image belongs to the blog or the author website where Google authorship has been already set. Google wanted to give the more exposure to the Google authors in terms of reaching to the each kind of users that they need for they websites.

Authorship in Image search

Google image search is one of the most image library along with websites like Flickr and Photobucket. You can select images with available sizes with the original ones. The search gives you option to choose a particular width and height. Once you click on any image on the image search of Google then that picture will pop out within the search. This image pattern shows the website details on the right hand side as per shown in the image above.

Google mention the authorship on the image search which leads to that author Google+ profile page. In order to maintain the authorship importance Google will now start introduce it to all the products in time. I am satisfied with what Google wanted to do some things now which will helpful to bring out the real results. To add your blog in this sort of facilities given by Google and getting more attention in the web search results. Rich snippet will be the key to get Google authorship on the top.

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