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Google doodle for Hermann Rorschach 129th birthday celebrated by Google

I am getting fan of Google’s doodle over the years now. This time they are celebrating famous psychoanalyst’s Hermann Rorschach 129th birthday showing his famous inkblot test. Here I am giving you the biography of his.

Google Doodle 1

Rorschach was born in Zurich and spent his childhood and youth in Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. He knew his school friends as Klecks or “inkbot “because he likes klecksography strange inkblot “picture” of the decision.

Google Doodle 2

Rorschach’s father an art teacher encouraged him to express his creativity through painting and drawing traditional pictures. As time approached his high school graduation he could not decide to be in the arts or sciences to choose between for career. He wrote a letter to the famous German biologist Ernst Haeckel asking for his advice. Scientists suggest him to select science and Rorschach registered at medical school at the University of Zurich. Rorschach started learning Russian and in 1906 when he was studying in Berlin he went to a holiday in Russia. Rorschach in Zurich in 1909 graduated from the medicine and at the same time to become engaged to Olga Stempelin a girl from the Russian Republic of Tatarstan Kazan. By the end of 1913 after graduating from college he married Stempelin. Then couple moved to live in Russia. They have a son in 1917 and a daughter in 1919.

Google Doodle 3

Rorschach studied from psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler who taught Carl Jung. Mental excitement, intelligentsia, constant reminder of his childhood based Rorschach written a test. Wonder why different people tend to see something completely different as the same written tests he began while still a medical student show school children written test and analyzed their response.

Google Doodle 4

German doctor Justinus Kerner in 1857 published a popular book each of which was inspired by an accidental ink poetry it has been speculated that this book was known to Rorschach. French psychologist Alfred Binet also tried and creativity tests for inkbots written.

July 1914 Rorschach returned to Switzerland where he served as Assistant Director at the regional mental hospital Herisau and in 1921 he wrote his book which is formed on the basis Psychodiagnostik the inkblot test. Written test is an overnight success because they provide a seemingly magical acts reading. However they are considered worthless by several psychologists.

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