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Google doodle’s first passenger train of India

Today 16th April 2013 Google has launch new doodle for India’s first passenger train which has completed 160 years. Its a celebration of history of Indian railways success and which has come up with amazing mega structure and development on recent times.

Google Doodle

The first passenger train to be start in the India is from Bori Bandar (Mumbai/Bombay) to the city Thane for the daily transport. This was started 160 years back by the Britishers for the easy transport for the workers of Mumbai. India was not independent and ruled by Britishers and totally dependent on the British innovations and technology.

Its great moment for the Indians where Google India celebrating the Indian railway success on its platform. As Mumbai has become the economical capital of India where major financial and trading goes on daily basis. Indian cinema film industry starts in Mumbai and then known as Bollywood where most of the people come across from over the country.

Mumbai Trains

Mumbai trains have evolved and emerged since the first passenger train started. There are many long rout trains for the travelers all over the India. As Mumbai trains also termed as local trains which are affordable and time savers. The development of the railways in the Mumbai is on the verge of the need and population.

Thanking Google for this mention of historical Indian railway initiative. This has been a one of the important initiative which evolve the India’s best culture and development.

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