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Google launched the hashtag search and shows results page to display Google+ posts

Google+ integration across its properties and today continue in a big way to launch the hashtag searches.

In short if you search in Google you may see a hashtag using conventional right side of search results including the hashtag on Google+ message.

Google’s Zaheed Sabur this morning announced a new feature about Google+ and said it is the first to provide in English language search on Google.com and Google.ca.

google hashtag search


The only posts that will appear in Google search is publicly shared or shared with you (if you are Google+ user). Click on one of the posts Google+ causing you to search Google+ reserved.

Purely coincidental Google.com search just including the hashtag #googleglass Google+ information display last night from Danny Sullivan in the right column.

Google+ message will scroll automatically or you can manually control them through the up / down arrows to the top.

Please also note that Google is trying to pre-emptive anti-competitive claims include links at the bottom on the other social networks do the same search. In this case my choice is on Twitter and Facebook to do the same search. It is not clear at this point if other social networks (Instagram and Vine etc.) will be added or if there have been depending on which include hashtag.

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