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Google Plus is an emerging social network experience

I am very much involved in to the websites like Google and Facebook every day. The new Google plus invention takes me to the another level of internet surfing. Previously the world’s most searched search engine the Google has spreading in to the most of the areas of common public interest. Facebook has made a dominant impact on the social networking from last few years.
Google Plus Communities
At morning I was doing my work at my desk and one of my colleague has come to me and ask me about the latest social networking updates. Though I was aware of this Google plus social network I replied him with some latest updates on some other websites. Then he started telling me about this new Google plus invite and all the stuff it has does. Initially I was shocked being heard of it but later on realizes that it still hasn’t yet released as this is an just a experiment with some selected users and find out the general response from the globe.
Google plus social network is certainly a dominating competitor for the Facebook. The look and feel of this new social networking concept has made an amazing impact on my mind. The new concept of circles, hurdles and sparks has make me more interested to feel the experience in upcoming days. I was big fan of Facebook when it was released. Before Facebook I was using Orkut for the social networking purpose.
When search for the Google plus on the search engine Google I found the sub domain of Google saying plus.google.com which is Google social networking site. It has an interactive tour for its new features about circles, hurdles and sparks. To find out its new features I went to Google plus login but it shows some warning like at this moment they are testing with some bunch of people and it will be soon available for everyone to use. I am so much eager to see the new invention by Google.
As we seen the sharing and liking on the Facebook for the interest Google plus one experiment has come up with the same kind of interaction with the users. As Google plus one makes an additional impact and adding an importance to the search ranking factors it has catch eye of every website owners. The Google plus search on the other search engines has made an absolute great impact. For the sharing purpose everyone is adding Google plus one button code to their pages.
The revolution of new era started by Google has also come like Google plus iphone applications with Google plus one api. It’s been a very great to write Google plus review for my best buddies that it’s a really great innovation all the way. Google plus project has always made a big impression on everybody’s mind with their every product. Do check out the new Google plus demo it’s a really amazing thing to reveal.

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