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Google Upgrade New Image Search

It was reported that Google upgrading new image search last week which is now publicly announced. This is one of the best user oriented upgrade by Google. As this will enhance the experience of users while searching image. Also to view images in large size with only one click. Below you can see the larger view of the image search of Google.

Google new image search

Previously webmasters has apposed this new update where as it does not landing to the website page to the end of the search or viewing image. So Google gave four reasons to webmasters that this does has benefits.

  1. This images will load in to the same page with the meta data given by the webmasters. This will not redirect users to the another page and reduces bounce rate.

  2. There is information about the image on the right hand side. This includes the title of the page with the linked to website which it belongs. There is option for the image sizes available.

  3. This image search has four ways to visit the original webpage of the image. First is on the image itself which will land to homepage. Second is on the option view original image which will open the image on the website. Third is on the blog title which is now clickable to the respective webpage. Fourth is on the view page option which will land to the respective homepage.

  4. At the old Google image search there was webpage loads in the iframe at background of image searched. This will increase the speed of the user experience and will give more clicks to the webmasters website.

This data can be found as image search query at the top search queries in the webmaster tools. I do like this new image search upgrade by Google. Do share your views and questions on this new update by Google.

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