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Grooving once again with Google Santa tracker 2013

Once again we can Track Santa for this New Year’s Eve. Last year I have written on Amazing Google Santa tracker 2012 and explain how Google is making us feel the Christmas coming soon. This year Google is providing amazing to grooving experience to all of us. There are many new things appears and add many games which unlocks on each day.

Santa Tracker 1

Currently tracker shows 18 days to go, As today’s date is 6th of December and they will reveal each of their new products on each day in the calender that they are providing. Google has done fantastic work on this as it keeps a surprise element to it. Below calender will reveal new features and games on each day as the tracker countdown reach to 25th December.

Santa Tracker Calender

I have enjoyed playing Santa tracker’s first game which is racing for collecting gifts. The same game Google have repeat last year and they wanted to preserve and make it the default trend for the tracker in upcoming years. On the 5th December they have revealed a new game which you can find by the icon of a boat. this game is very interesting and challenging tan the racing game. you need to make sure the gifts are send across the boats coming and not being hit the icebergs.

Santa Tracker Race

I loved the way Google has initiated some fantastic products to keep entertain the users and make sure that they provide the best products. There is a new icon which shows the direction on the date of 6th December. but on clicking on this one i was wondering that there is nothing to do instead of clicking on the forward and backward arrow that they provide. As you can see in the image below that there is one Christmas elf standing on a single tire cycle and swinging forward and backward.

Santa Tracker 4

Firstly, i didn’t get it what this sign of direction means and what it indicates. Anyways, Mystery will be solved in the upcoming days for sure. until then you have fun and enjoy the Santa Tracker.

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