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How to avoid getting de-indexed by Google?

Here are some ways to avoid getting de- indexed by Google. I know this is the thing which is the most worse thing to happen for the webmasters. This is the nightmare for the website which brings visits more than 1-5 k. Hence here are the some things which you need to consider to be observed for your website.

Google can de-indexed your website if you keep on doing the things which are listed below. There are few tricks which webmasters try to fool the Google bot to gain the extra benefits  Now that Google bot is smart enough to recognize the changes in the website. This are the factors which is the invitation to the Google to get your website de-indexed from the Google search results.

1. Doorway pages: One of the Black Hat trick of the time which is now very dangerous for your site. Doorway pages are those which send the user from one to another pages for the purpose of spamming. This pages redirects to the another pages without users intention or permission. You can say its a part of the cloaking.

2. Cloaking: In this technique website presentation to the user and the search engine is different. This works on the user agent of the visitor also IP address. Where if the user agent is found as search engine bot then it shows different version of the site. This misleads the search engine bot and gather the information that will helpful for the webmaster to rank his website on the search engine. Though now its been a dangerous and can be penalization to the website by Google.

3.Duplicate content: As i have already mention in the previous post for the Google penalties this factor can lead to the penalty which can de-indexed website from the search engine results. The major part here is to have original content which is unique to search engines and users.

4. Sneaky redirects: As we know that there are certain types of redirects like 301 redirects which is legal process. Where there are some methods like meta refresh and java script which take user to the different page but keep the search engine bot to the original page.

5. Many websites redirecting to one: This is the method where webmaster having more than 100 website use to redirect to one to get all traffic to one portal. Looks like interesting but not this time, as Google can penalize website by de-indexing from the search results. If you are doing then stop immediately as this method is not at all good.

6. Scrapping: It means copying content from other website. This is well known method in the Black Hat to get the faster rankings on the search results. As now Google is penalizing scrappers in such way that the scrapped page will not rank for any query. If there is too much scrapping on the website then it can turn in to website de-indexing.

7. Keyword stuffing: This is the old method which is now can be penalization by the Google. There are many updates in the algorithm of Google search engine has hammering spamming. This is like stuffing your keywords in the meta tags, content and links. This is the first thing that Google will love to penalize website.

Its not necessary that one of this factor can get your website de-indexed but if there are combination of this factors are present then surely can be penalize. That’s it for now and will come up with more SEO related posts in future. Have a nice day!

Image source: http://www.pagetrafficbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Deindexed.png

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