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How to avoid manipulative optimization techniques which can harm your sites

In the era of Google hunting over spamming every day the webmaster who wants to stay away from the penalties & ban from search engines needs to avoid the manipulative optimization techniques. These manipulative techniques usually called as Black Hat techniques.

It was devastating effect over spam website which used manipulative optimization techniques by the numerous Google updates like Panda, Penguin and EMD update. My concern here is to know and avoid these techniques when optimizing website. In order to stay update over the latest changes in the search marketing we need to stay alert over what we are doing with our sites.

manipulative optimization techniques

Below are the numbers of manipulative optimization techniques which every webmaster needs to avoid while optimizing website. These methods generally used by webmasters to get the extra visits or conversions wherever they want. If you want to develop long lasting website in the search engines then you need to avoid following techniques.

Cloaking the Clock

Not the clock exactly on the wrist or wall but the website pages where website is presented to the users is different than it presented for the search engine. This is one of the favorite and most used technique to fool the search engines. Though this technique has been taken under a consideration to penalized and ban websites from the search engines.

Creating Doorway pages or Gateway Pages

User is entered on a website in the form of various listings appeared on a search engine only to reach a certain website. An addition of the search query to the pages is done only to redirect the user to the other pages. Which is also leads to spamdexing in the search engines. Avoid this technique to get the users to land on your website as this can ensure the website penalty or ban.

Hidden text and Invisible links

Google is getting smarter day by day and can be more lethal to the website where webmasters hides text and links on the website to get the extra benefits from the search engine. It is more clear from the latest update from Google is to keep the website optimized for the user and not for the search engine crawler or bot.

Use of Duplicate content, Article Spinning and Scraping content

Google Panda update is rolling out time to time to minimize the spam for the use of duplicate, scrap and thin content. Most of the webmaster uses the technique of article spinning and scraping content from other website to add the content on the website. This technique does not help to add unique content to the website as it will only help to get filtered from the search results. Write unique content and use Guest posting to give it a boost.

Creating Mirror websites, sub-domains and pages

Avoid creating mirror websites which can only lead to duplication and ultimately filtration from the search results. Creating pages for the terms for which traffic expected on the website can only help you to boost the spam. The technique which consists creating sub-domains to add verticals to target the same search queries as on the website will create spam and addition to the penalty factors. Registering keyword rich domains will only cause exact match domain EMD penalty for your website.

Use of Link Schemes, Wheels, Networks, farm and Paid Links

Google has already mentioned in the webmaster guidelines and policy that the violation will cause the filtration or ban from the search engines if webmasters use link scheme, link networks and link wheels to get the backlinks to the website. It also consist the paid links which cause unnatural links for the website and then penalty from the search engines.

Keyword stuffing

The old time technique which was the first target and since then it has been the most affected to get filtered, penalized and banned from the search engine. Avoid excess keyword usage in order to increase the keyword density and volume. Use long tail keywords more often than the major keywords.

I have been updating myself over the period to avoid these techniques to be use on my websites. As we know there are more than 200 ranking factors and it is same with the penalties and filtration by using manipulative optimization techniques. Also read my article on why SEO’s need to develop into content marketers.

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