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How to Choose Right Domain for Your Brand

Choosing the right domain for your brand is crucial. You must consider the following points in order to make sure you have the best domain name for your brand.

How to Choose Right Domain for Your Brand

So, why consider this practice before choosing the domain name? Because, your domain name speaks as your brand, it’s the key for your audience to reach your products, services and content that you offer.

Tips to choose right domain for your brand:


  1. Make it Easy to Type

Making your domain name simple and easy to type has plus advantage to your branding. I found on the internet that the words like “P”, “Z”, “X”, “C”, and “Q” on your keyboard are the tough keys to type. Try to avoid them in the first place in your brand name. It is not necessary to remove if your brand starts with these characters.

  1. Keep it Short

All the popular and famous brands in the world have short names. Keeping it short makes people to remember it easily. The ideal length for the domain should be less than 10-15 characters.

  1. Use of keyword

It is always good to have a keyword in your title as it shows that your brand is niche specific. So, Do your research and select the best keyword and try to fit in the domain name.

Having a keyword in your domain name helps when it comes to the search engine rankings. Don’t try to fit many keywords as Google has already launch EMD update to punish the websites with exact match keywords in the domains.

  1. Add Location for Local Business

If your business is based on a specific locality then you should include the location in your domain name in order to rank in search engines for local search queries. It is also useful for users to understand about your local business and area of working and locations.

  1. Don’t use Hyphens & Numbers

This is important when it comes to branding where your potential users will hear about your brand and misspelled or forget about numbers and hyphens while searching on internet. It is a good practice to not use hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

  1. Keep it Unique & Memorable

All great brands have this uniqueness in their name. Make sure your domain name is unique and also memorable at the same time. The uniqueness of brand name is your strong point in order to stand out from the competition.

  1. Research for Trademark Infringement

To avoid legal problems you should check at trademark office for your domain name before you buy it. This will save you from costing lot money and your domain name.

  1. Choose only Dot-Com Domains

It’s always good to have the top-level domain TLD extension. This will ensure you don’t have to worry about type-in and brand name traffic. If you are multinational business then you have to make sure you have all the country specific TLD extensions. Since, applying 301 redirection to dot-com domain becomes critical while targeting multinational.

  1. Name your brand in unique way

It is important to include the keywords in the domain name but it is always good to have a unique name for your brand to make sure it is more brand-able.

Let’s compare these domains for more clarity:

  1. onlinesmartdevices.com
  2. apple.com

You get the point!

  1. Register as soon as possible

I have suffered already by not registering the domain immediately. I did all research and selected one good domain name for one of my website. I thought I will buy it in upcoming week.

Guess what? Somebody has registered that domain name in the same week! And I was like “WHAT?” I had to do all research and the complete process again. That was frustrating and time consuming.

So, you better register your domain name as soon as possible once you done with the process!

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