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How to stay away from Google penalties

From last two years Google has come up with the algorithm changes which i already mentioned in the last post. Here i am going to explain how to stay away from the Google penalties. This penalties will drop your traffic from Google search engine.

What is Google Penalty?

Google have certain algorithms to control the spam which try to overcome the search engine rankings in easy manner. When a website considered to be a spam and then set as spam in the algorithm of the Google. Here the major effect is seen in the website traffic. Where first thing happened is that the visibility of the website on the Google search results go down and sometimes get de-index from the search engine. Below is the image which describes the drop in the traffic of website from the Google source.

How to stay away from the Google Penalties?
First we need to consider the factors that causes penalty. As we know that SEO since the industry getting affected by the algorithm changes has taken the challenge. To stay away from the penalties we need to consider the following factors. Its a proof of poor quality website.
1. Duplicate content:
As we know the term “Content is King” which define the whole thing. You have a website which is driving traffic from the content you uploads. Then you need to consider this factor most. As Google have the penalty for the duplicate content which certainly does de-valuation your website. So be the “original” for the Google perspective and that will also effect the users of your site.
2. Warnings from Google webmaster tool:
Many webmasters do check their webmaster account oftentimes  Google webmaster is the platform where you can operate your website as per Google recommendations. If you get an message from Google webmaster that your site has been found with warnings and penalties. You need to make sure that what factors are affecting and make an re inclusion request to get back your website to its previous state.
3. Internal Linking:
This factor is majorly depend on your on page optimization. Here you need to be careful while interlinking the website pages with the less amount of anchor text usage. This lowers your keyword density on the page and does provide the less indication to the Google bot that your website is spam free.
4. Link building:
One of the old methods that gives the boost in the website ranking in the search results is to use anchor text in the backlinks. Google has overcome for this spam technique with the penguin update. Here you have to make sure that you are not using too much anchor text on your backlinks.
5. Advertisement:
If your website is earning from the advertisement then you need to beware of the Google panda update which can affect your website traffic. You need to make sure that your advertisement on the website is limited and less to above the fold. This factor does affects many websites which were earning money by placing too much ads on the website.
6. Crawl errors:
As mention earlier there is one more section in the Google webmaster which gives you the summary of your website crawl URLs. Here you have to find the errors which occurs due to the redirection or removal of the pages. Fixing this errors will make your site more effective. though Google lowers the grade of the website having many crawl errors like 404 error.
7. Exact match domain:
If you planning to buy a domain with the keyword in it which you will target later on. Then Google has released an update called “EMD” update which de-valuate the poor quality website having keyword in the domain. This penalty usually found because it has optimized based on the targeted keyword.
So thats it for now and ask any questions regarding this. Any suggestion is welcome.

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  1. Google recently changed their algorithm and now he’s targeting EMD domain with low quality content got penalized. I’ve two EMD niche websites affected by Google. we’ve to remember keywords variation while build quality backlinks to our blog. this is how we can away from being penalized.

  2. Absolutely right Amol, its tough to get out from this update and certainly need to change everything or just go for new domain with no targeted exact matching keyword in it.

  3. It’s not all about exact match keyword domain but mainly Google penalized those websites who provides low quality content that doesn’t seems user friendly and never update their blog on regular basis.

  4. Thanks for your very valuable point about quality content and frequency of the uploading content.

  5. Thanks for the article which enriches the practical knowledge of an average webmaster.

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