Is social resume worthy? [Infographic]

Most of the time you get tired of being searching jobs or employees on the job portals. Social Media is the platform where all people stay in touch with what they want. Here comes the another platform for all of us to get job opportunity and recruiting. Social resume goes popular as everyone will be part of it in the future. So here is the infographic which will reveal that how social media makes an impact on job seeking and recruiting since 2011 to 2012.

Social Resume


Make sure you have a portfolio and which is shared on your websites and social platforms so that your work is visible to all. Look out for the (don’t)s which can be decisive in terms of selection for the job such as grammar, mention of alcoholism, volatile religious posts and profanity.

Following companies on social network could be the plus as you can get to know when job opportunities shared on their social platforms.

So, What do you think of social resume? is social resume worthy for the efforts for job seekers and recruiters? I think so! i have started mine and i am sure you will start your’s as you never know! you might get a job what you dreamed of.

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