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Japan earthquake and tsunami – Become the first to help

Every little help does count. You can help them right away by some good trusted ways. Let there be a little hope of sharing happiness. Be a very proactive being helping the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, though i want you to help right away. Become the smile for someone, It feels good.
As most of us are spending their lots of time on the internet, hence we can help online only to the victims of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami hits japan this year of 2011.
1. Donate 10$ which will generate to the Red Cross’s humanitarian efforts for Japan Earthquake Relief by just text “REDCROSS” to 90999.
2. Donate 1$ by “Liking” the page of Dog Bless You Facebook fan page of Explore.org
3. Donate by logging in to Facebook.com at http://www.causes.com/campaigns/154523.
I have mentioned some very easy ways to help. At least you can help minimum 11$. Thanks to you for helping those victims of Japan earthquake and tsunami and keep the spirit ON.

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