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Know about my favorite food

I am big fan of Indian food though I prefer Chinese food often. If you ask me about veg or non-veg then I would go for non-veg but veg makes me satisfied with the awesome test.
Veg anytime:
Chapati with sabji is my weekday diet and it’s giving me the energy to do my daily work very fluently. Dal with rice is my favorite cuisine, the test of rice with the dal is making me hungry even thought comes to my mind. The test of chana masala and the roti makes me so hungry at the first thought. I love maharastrian food items like modak, varan and puran poli.
My favorite nashta (breakfast) is poha, shira or paratha. Having nasta early at morning before leaving for work or somewhere else I have this feeling that I had great food. If I am outside and some junk food is available for nashta then I prefer to go for mendu vada, vada pav and samosa.
Non-veg is delicious:
I love biriani at any time with long basmati rice. Most of the time if I ordered the non-veg then the order consists chicken fried rice or chicken mughlai which gives me a awesome experience to have a non-veg food.
After my lunch or dinner I prefer to go for lassi or ice-cream which is so enrich in the milk product. Some of the south Indian food like masala dosa and idli makes me happy. The dhokla and gulab jamun are the food items which are so tasty and I get hungry only with their sight.

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