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Making The Most of Your SEO Techniques In Competitive Niches

nullIt can be quite a daunting task in finding out ways as to how to tackle SEO in competitive niches. The search engines are normally saturated with information related to Niches deemed as competitive. Some would make use of black hat SEO techniques to give them an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Unfortunately for them Google clamped down on most online business with their Panda and Penguin updates in the first half of 2012. But there are still white hat SEO techniques that works quite well in giving business owners the chance to increase their page rank.

Keyword Optimization Tools for SEO

You just have to enter a search term for the best keyword optimization tools to come across some well known ones like Nichebot and even Google Adwords. It is a case of knowing which keyword phrases would be popular enough to attract visitors to your particular Niche.

You will be required to do a lot of research initially to help you determine which keywords get enough searches without being too competitive.

With the latest Google algorithm you’ve got to be careful that you do not over optimize your keywords where they would perceive it as keyword stuffing. It is all about providing value to your readers and placing your keywords where it would make sense with regards to the overall context of your website or blog content.

Linking to Your Neighbors

It would be in your best interest to collaborate with your neighbor so that you could link to their site and they to yours in turn. This way you would encourage link exchanges as well as page transfers.

Without a doubt, the more outbound and inbound traffic you generate between yourself and your neighbors the more the spiders will crawl your site resulting in a higher ranking overall. You can be sure that the search engines will love your pages and reward you accordingly.

Guest Blogging and Commenting On Relevant Sites

Believe it or not, it is very important to do your neighbor a favor through writing a guest post on their site that will ensure that their visitors get to visit your site in turn.

Something else you could do is to sign up for Google Alerts through your Gmail account and get Google to notify you of new posts. This way you are able to comment on the latest alerts that is in line with your Niche. It sure is an excellent way on how to tackle SEO in competitive Niches that will give you the edge over your competition.

Guarding Against Too Many Backlinks for SEO

You need to steer away from making use of services where millions of backlinks come your way. While it might bring you to the first page of Google or any other search engine, it is not regarded as quality and will hurt your reputation as business owner in the long run.

Content is King

Providing well researched written content that provides real value in the eyes of the readers will go a long way in getting you noticed by the search engines. In fact, that is what the latest Google updates are hoping to achieve. They do not want content that just fill the web pages with a whole lot of meaningless information that provides no real value to the reader.

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is another way to submit highly optimized content. It works in that it is a mathematical algorithm where non-content words are removed to then compare the remaining content with documents elsewhere on the net. It serves to ignore filler words or prepositions. This is well suited to larger databases and does a lot of good for your site or blog in improving your SERPS.

Ensuring Your Site is Technologically Advanced for Ranking Purposes

It is absolutely crucial that you ensure your site is compatible with all browsers and can be viewed with ease on all mobile phones. Site owners are not always aware of this when they incorporate various designs that make their business look smart.

They forget the importance of ensuring their site is scalable and user friendly at the same time. To help ensure that you know how to tackle SEO in competitive Niches, you need to stay in tune with the latest technology so you can attract the new generation of mobile users who do not have a lot of time on their hands to find what they are looking for.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith is an online consultant for ABWE.He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to visit social media channels like Twitter, Facebook.


About jason

Jason Smith is an online consultant for ABWE.He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to visit social media channels like Twitter, Facebook.


  1. most essential and powerful SEO tasks to ensure you rank well. Thanks for the post.

  2. This year 2013, we will see more mobile users and perhaps the future will be SEO for mobile websites, and apps. It is a never ending journey. 1 that is SEO will need to constantly equip himself to face the uncertainty tomorrow. We are always predicting when will Panda, and penguin strike, Perhaps to play safe is to write your content with great quality and build quality backlinks as well.

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