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My Experience at SDX Search Dynamics 2014

It’s been a long time since I write about SEO on my blog! I know it was only about movie reviews in last few weeks hence sharing my experience at SDX Search Dynamics with you. I believe that the learning process is never ending in any field of any work and especially this event has came up with absolute bunch of lessons that any search marketer don’t want to miss.

sdxI was very excited about the search engine marketing conference SDX Search dynamics 2014. The event held at Ramada Hotel in Navi Mumbai, India on 20th June 2014. This event is organized by the company On Target Marketing. This conference is mainly arranged for the online marketer to understand the latest trends in SEO and SEM. Maximizing their ROI on the search campaigns. Understand what are the best practices to utilized for the online marketing? How to optimize your website in order stay safe in future from search algorithm affection and penalties. Discover the hidden opportunities to increase website visibility.

The eight speakers at the SDX were the industry experts and influencers who gave the presentation by using stets of case studies and their point of view about the whole search marketing. The event organizers have started the event on the time so that every speaker gets the enough time to express with the other marketers and entrepreneurs. Yes most of them are entrepreneur and marketing experts for their clients.

The speakers at SDX were Naveen Bachwani, Winton D’souza, Pradeep Chopra, Vivek Singh, Rahul Shrivastava, Chander Madan, Kunal Shah, Vivek Bhargava and Manoj Aravindakshan who are Search experts. They present the best slideshows to all the marketers in the conference to make them realize how search is evolving and the future of the online marketing.

They focused on the many factors and topics like transformation of the search from desktop to mobile, Screen to screen usage, Local search availability, PR release and how search marketer’s needs to use it, Why re-targeting is the important in the online marketing, Facebook ads and its different way of marketing, website navigation to the relevance of the content, SEM campaign budgets and the approach, visibility on online platforms. I have mentioned some key points only as I don’t want to get into each one here. The key points to look out from this SDX conference are as follow:

10 Points taken from this SDX Search Dynamics 2014 conference:

  1. Make sure you have the website which is responsive and accessible on every important device.
  2. Before making any strategy make sure you have clear objectives for your marketing efforts.
  3. Do re-marketing for the audience which has visited your site but not converted.
  4. Make sure you are ready with the cost effective plan and analysis for your search campaign.
  5. Use your other website pages to link with the targeted pages which are relevant to increase relevancy.
  6. Optimize your website to make sure your visitor convert into customer and subscriber (Visit>Lead>Sale).
  7. Improve landing page and ad copy to improve the quality score to get the best benefits out of search campaigns.
  8. Create automated email campaign to make sure your visitor engages to the website atmosphere.
  9. Make sure you have presence on the every platform where your target audience is.
  10. Write creative content and use queries instead of keywords which users could use for the search.

So, this all the top 10 things to consider to impact your search engine marketing efforts. It was the best time spend for this event getting knowledge from some SEO Experts & SEM experts. I think it was the good event to get know how other marketers are doing things and get the best of it. What are the problems they faces and encountered with and how they do stuff about it. I think learning and sharing is the best way to stay focused and remarkable in the online industry.

Here is one question that I think every online marketer should ask themselves: (not the best out of them in the industry, as I am not the expert so it’s up to you to follow them or take it to the consideration)

  • Does your website or product have the solution which your targeted visitors or customers are looking for? (Without which every marketing efforts will bring you the conversions but in the end your customers will regret it at one point of time which can produce negative impact on overall marketing efforts)

If your answer is yes, then you are ready to make a good marketing strategy for your website. If your answers is no or you don’t know then make sure that your product or website has the every single thing that your targeted users are looking for.

I would like to thanks to event organizer and SDX speakers for providing the platform to reach out the stage where my marketing strategies get in to the evolution and for all those who attended. My special thanks to Roshan Jadhav for invitation. There were some participants with me and also want to mention their names here with no order: Prashant Singh, Haresh Chawda, Kiran Nagula, Gayatri Kerlekar, Dilip, Shivanand Machandra.

In the end, the event was fantastic and had great memories. After the event there was some news channel reporters came and took my interview about the Event, I am sorry to say that it was not the best of interview I had and hope you haven’t seen it. Thanks for bearing me and reading the whole thing. I hope this will help you in some way.

Just want to update you on one more event from Google India that you don’t want to miss which is going to be held in next month at Mumbai and Bangalore for the Search and Ads respectively. Get yourself registered by filling out the form. The invitations will be send by Google with first come first serve basis, so don’t waste your time, Apply here.

I will be more than happy if your share your opinion or queries regarding this event or the point that I have covered. Have a great day!

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