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My SEO tips for 2013

As we know that SEO in past years have evolved rapidly. The best part of the change is that search engines like Google has affected spam websites that were ruining the user search.

Why SEO in 2013 need to change
Google has came with series of updates in past two years. The updates like Google Panda, Google Penguin were the major updates which has changed the way of SEO in the world of internet. Every search engine optimizer is very much beware of the effects of this update and this will get more difficult in upcoming years. So we need to change the tactics, strategy and plans for the better search results.

Focus on term “Unique”
Sounds very edgy but i think this means a lot to me. Here i will explain this term in the prospect of SEO. How we gonna use this as a focus term and what are the benefits.

1. Unique anchor text:
As we know that Google penguin has drilled the websites out of the search results who build the links with same anchor text. The old method that every SEO has performed was definitely look unnatural link building in terms of anchor text of the links. Where there are many ways where you can use the same anchor text and can get caught by the Google algorithm. So you need diversify the anchor text for each link present on the website and other websites.

2. Unique Link resource:
This is also called as “link diversity”. This method is very effective and help to build your authority of the website. In the generic terms you can say that your website is most popular website. The concept here is to get links from different resources and websites. You can find this from the Alexa where it called as “reputation”.

3. Unique Content:
This is again the same solution for each and every website who runs on the content marketing. This includes all your meta tags and the internal links. You need to understand the current need of the search engine ranking is the unique content. If you don’t have the blog then you need to start writing something about your product or website. This will helps your website to get more power to rank higher in the search results.

4. Unique Traffic source:
Most of us are dependent on the Google search traffic. The series of updates that shown us that its not going to be easy to stand easily on top. I would like to make a point here that if you depend on the one search engine then its like putting your all eggs in one basket. So optimize your website and the marketing and get traffic from the different sources.

I hope that you also had some tactics and strategy for the future challenge in 2013. If you have any suggestion or questions then do post your comment. Happy SEO in 2013.

Image source: http://news.submitinme.com/images/SEO-for-2013.png

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  1. This are some great tips for SEO. I am worried about the next updates from Google but this tips certainly are the best way to do SEO. Thanks

  2. Good one! Uniqueness is what every SEO specialist wishes for. But being a long process, few of them try implementing it. With Google algorithm updates done so far, we are forced to look after the uniqueness of content, links, anchor text etc.

    As far as traffic source is concerned, however hard we try to consider different search engines, our strategies often revolve around the giant one only – Google.

  3. Thanks Archana.. I do agree that new algorithms has forced us to change the way of optimization and make our website unique in all aspects. Yes Google is most targeted search engine but we can also market on social networks so that we do not depend on one search engine.

  4. Excellent advice! Thank you for sharing. I especially agree with number 4, because putting all your eggs in one basket is very risky. And even more so when it is in a Google basket, because they sure love to change their policies and guidelines. Having said that, Google is a fantastic source for traffic (for now). 😉

    I wish you a happu and successful 2013!

  5. thanks for sharing big help for my website

  6. i also used lot of techniques on this SEO process and struggled a lot while work on my site your article gives some clear idea about the seo aspects thank you for this article.
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  7. Thanks for such a nice post on Seo tips the information provided in the blog will definitely help the people who is looking Seo tips ..good work keep it up.

  8. Amazing post!
    I liked how neatly you described how tags and categories are supposed to be used by SEO experts.
    Many people can’t distinguish tags and categories, but here we learned that a category is a bigger basket to carry the blog posts

  9. thanks you. nice tips you share here.thanks for sharing it.Thanks for sharing these awesome tricks for performing better organic results in 2013

  10. thanks for posting some helpful tips for SEO. I am sure this article will help me.. thanks 🙂

  11. Good seo tips for 2013. My site has been severely affected in 2013. I will use your suggestion.

  12. In business today, we always hear the word “diversify” also in SEO, i think we should diversify our links as well, never focus only on Google alone, we might not know what will happen tomorrow, instead can focus on Bing and Yahoo. We can’t runaway from quality content. I have seen many people saying about guest blogging.

    Content marketing plays an important role this year. Not to forget the Social Media as well. I believe social engagement is an important thing as well.

  13. Thanks for sharing the thoughts. I think pure content is very good for website. If it has original and lots of content, half the work is done. Backlink submissions such as bookmarking, dir submissions also plays a big role.

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