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My trip to Matheran

Matheran is the hill station and famous tourist place near Karjat at Neral. “Matheran” is Marathi term which means “forest on the forehead” which is pretty much describing itself why they name it like that. This place is one of the beautiful places from Maharashtra state in India. The best time to visit Matheran is monsoon and winters.

My experience:

Matheran was quite amazing and never forgetting experience of beauty of the nature. I stay in Mumbai city and had to travel 90 km to reach there. I visit Matheran in January 2013, December 2016 to experience the winters.

Reaching Matheran:

Toy train Matheran

Here is how I reached Matheran:

For my first visit I took a local train till Neral Station.

Then buy a Toy Train ticket to reach “Matheran Market”. This toy train goes around 20-30 km/hr. The best part is that this toy train climb the whole mountain to reach Matheran. You can see all the turning tracks and mountains.

In my second visit I tool a local train till Neral Station as usual.
This time we reached little late and Toy Train timings were out.
I then go by road to “Dasturi Naka” which took 25-30 minutes from Neral Station.
The cost for one passenger is 70 Rs.

Red soil roads

Then I figured out that I need walk 20-30 minutes to reach Matheran Market from Dasturi Naka.
Guess what that is a hill that you need to climb.
You gotta try Horse riding here which I of course did and cost me 400 Rs.

Matheran and points of interest:

There are no vehicles allowed at Matheran as there are no concrete roads available. The location is very dust with red sand all around as not that much in monsoon.

Echo point Matheran

The points of interest are very lovely sight seeing. One must go and visit Maheran who is nature lover. You will see rare birds and plant species. Beware of monkeys while carry food along with you openly. Local people are very helpful.

Darshan Beloshe Matheran

You can get hotels to stay with good quality of food. There are points to see such as Alexander Pt, Rambag Pt, Little Chowk Pt, Charlotte Lake, Echo Pt, Porcupine Pt (Sun Set Pt), Panorama Point (Sun Rise Pt), Louisa Point.

Matheran points

Sunset point Mathera

Do visit Matheran for amazing hill station experience.

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