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Santa Christmas Presents on Google Santa tracker

Santa Dashboard

On the occasion of this Christmas eve the Santa Claus has given more than 2 billion presents across the world with travelling almost 30 lac kilometers. This is definitely the statistics where we can believe by looking at the Google Santa tracker. As previously this Santa tracker has the countdown clock for the Christmas eve which i already explain in my previous post.

The best part of it that the Santa is still moving in the map around the new location for the distribution of the presents. This dashboard will let you know the current Santa location and the previous location. With the time arriving in to the next location you can expect the Santa near your city or town. The status of the Santa are changing in time as he state what and how he feels. One status i like that he’s getting too fat for the chimneys to deliver the presents.

Merry Christmas

I am happy that Santa came to my town and delivered the presents. Here i am giving you the screen shot in the form of proof. I loved the way Google has come up with this amazing tracker and which still make us feel that Santa Claus around us. Though this is the myth we carry forward every year. Sorry guys, don’t want to disappoint you but this is the reality. I wish you very happy Christmas and New Year. Have a great time!

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