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Secrets of Developing Twitter Brand

The secret is that it is hard and it takes a very lot of commitment. It is the sustained commitment needed that is often the thing that troubles most people. Many people start out on Twitter with lots of things to say, and installing lots of Tweets, and, as time goes by, they slowly run out of things to Tweet and do not go on Twitter as much, and their brand building never takes off.

Twitter Branding

Sustained effort is needed

You cannot just decide to build a Twitter brand, and then give up after a few months. Most people start off with lots of enthusiasm and then it wanes over time, to the point where they are only posting Tweets every now and again when they are bored. You need to decide how many Tweets you are going to make each day, and then stick to it.

The hardest thing is that being an organized person usually means posting Tweets at the same time every day, but you will do a lot better if you vary the times that you Tweet. So, for example, if you decide to post five Tweets per day, then do not decide to do one at breakfast, two at lunchtime, etc. All you need to do is decide upon how many Tweets you are going to post every day, and then make sure you have posted that many Tweets before you go to sleep. This makes the process very difficult, because it is hard to plan, but posting your Tweets at random times is the best brand building method.

You need to keep coming up with fresh Tweets

The paragraph above states how important it is to keep up your enthusiasm and to post Tweets every day and on a regular basis. But, what you also need to have is a fresh supply of Tweets in the first place. Lots of people start out with a lot of things they want to Tweet, but then slowly run out of things to Tweet, so they stop Tweeting. You need to find a way around this from the very beginning.

You need to have a fresh supply of Tweets, and preferably have them planned in advance so that writers block on one day will not hurt you too much. It is not actually very difficult to come up with Tweets every day, because the Tweets are only small. Plus, you can always plagiarize some content you found online if you like. Sure, plagiarizing stuff from online is not a solid and sustainable Tweeting method, but it certainly comes in handy if you run out of things to Tweet.

Regularly post Tweets in the most frequent manner possible

Twitter is different from all the other social media, because the patience of your followers is epic, when you compare it to the patience of people on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can post five posts per day, and four of them could be complete nonsensical ranting, and people will still follow you. This may be for two reasons. The first is because Tweets are so small and so do not bother people if they are useless, because they only wasted a few seconds of a readers time.

The second reason is because so many Tweets get lost in the Timeline, that many people do not even see most of your Tweets. If you follow someone on Twitter who is a regular poster, then have a look at all the posts he/she posted in the last fortnight. You are guaranteed to see some posts that you never even knew he/she posted.

The pictures on your Twitter profile matter

If you are building a Twitter brand, you need to make sure that your pictures all fall in line with the brand principles that you are trying to portray. For example, if you are trying to make your Twitter brand one that is known for being funny, then you had better make sure that your Twitter pictures are hilarious. Do not forget that you are trying to create a public image, and the people who are new to your Twitter profile are going to look at your pictures. They should be able to see what you are all about by the pictures that you have posted.

Your short profile description should be nothing short of a tag line

This is the short description that appears just below your picture, and you have to pretend that this description is on a massive billboard in New York. You need to make sure that it communicates with the reader, and that it is in line with your current Twitter brand. It needs to engage the reader, and tell them what you are all about, and make them want to follow you. What is worse is that you need to do with a very small word count.

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