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SEO Flash back 2013

It’s been an unstable year for people related to online search. At the near end of 2013, if we go back to flash back of it, we found there are various changes in the search factors and algorithms. I was so amazed and thrilled to see my evolution towards new techniques to avoid new algorithm penalties and get over the obstacles. Below are the sequences of Google updates occur in 2013.

SEO flash back 2013



January 22

Panda update number 24: which has impacted 1.2% of all the search queries. The Panda factor has made change in my techniques of optimization which makes me to become more content writer than the link builder.

February 4

Google Page Rank Update: This is the first and last page rank update of this year. At this junction my blog has got page rank three and internal page rank updates. It’s a last page rank update of this year as Matt Cutts has mention that there won’t be any page rank updates this year.

March 14

Panda update number 25: Another Google panda update announced by Matt cutts at the SMX. There is no indication from him about the percentages of search queries have impacted.

May 21

Domain crowding update: This update has announced on may 21 which control the domain crowding also can be termed as the domain multiplicity in the SERP but from second page onwards.

May 22

Penguin update 2.0: After the update on domain crowding Google has launched new version of the Panda which has impacted the websites over spamming into the page level.

July 19

Knowledge Graph Expansion: This update has came to the distinct change in the expansion of the knowledge graph by more than half of it which is around 50.4%

August 6

In Depth Articles update: Google has come up with new search term in the SERP which is called as in depth articles which has seen about 3% of search queries.

August 20

Hummingbird update: This is the major update in this year 2013 which has announced on September 26. This update took place one month earlier and no one has noticed the shifts in the rankings in the SERP’s. The impact of this update is major and affected almost each query which runs on the user intent and not the keywords.

October 4

Penguin update 2.1: This is another version of Google penguin update and announced on 4th October with no specifying the impacted search queries.



As per my point of view the 2013 has changed the way of search engine optimization and the way to look to it. The evolution has rapidly grown in this year and which has certainly help users to get what they are looking for.

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  1. Thanks for the flashback Darshan! it was wonderful year for me.

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