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My SEO tips for 2014

I know it’s tough but we can achieve great things if we put a positive approach to the SEO coming in 2014. Since, getting on the top position on a search engine like Google is the main motto for every online business. Google is most targeted and it has mostly target them back with a bang for over optimizing for the last few years.

If you set a goal and do not change your direction of efforts then you will probably land there, but since the obstacles has increased and improved the direction to your progress needed a sharp turns and bends. I do talking about SEO and you get it what I meant. There are some things which you don’t have to change and keep on doing forever. Below are some tips I want to mention for your better journey in 2014.

My SEO tips for 2014


Last year I talk about this in the post for tips for 2013. The uniqueness has to be there in all format of SEO, which has applied to anchor text, link resource, traffic source and content. Make sure you don’t miss it in any area. Search engine like Google will not promote your website until and unless you are unique in all these areas.

Become a content marketer:

Well, it’s a need of time and I have described in detail why SEO’s needs to be develop in content marketers. Though, it’s not necessary for all unless your website is already providing great and quality content frequently on the website and off the website. Still you need to claim authorship for the sake of Google search results where the listing with author photo is more effective to boost your CTR over other web listings.

Write for users:

Yeah, its old saying by Google members and it has turned out to be the most important after the massive update by Google in the terms of Hummingbird. Which only listen to the users and not the automated queries? Though, you need to write the content in the conversational manner in order to make sure you don’t do it in excess.

Quality Guest posting:

The only acceptable link building after Google Penguin update and which has grown rapidly. Since, the spamming has the effect on other link building methods; you need to make sure about this method doing it right. Don’t overdo it, make sure you don’t spam with too much links and anchors. Do check your content for plagiarism before sending to other sites. I have written an article on tips for successful guest blogging.

Write lengthy:

As there is one more update called in-depth articles in the Google SERP which can lead your site to boost traffic. It will also help users to get all the information in one place. For this you need to write content more than 2000 words and publish on your website. There was a survey which reveals that the content around 2000 words gets more chance to rank in top position in the Google search.

Get Social:

Whereas the content is important for the website to rank then the social factor is also important for it. The survey also revealed that the social votes more than 800 on the major social platforms like Google plus, Facebook and twitter used to rank on the top of the search results.

Google Plus:

It’s a social platform which turned out to be a ranking factor in terms of plus ones. Plus ones by good profiles which has fair amount of followers can get your webpage a sort of benefit over rankings. Build a network of influencer under your Google plus account and make sure you post frequently. In order to make your guest posts authorship proof add your guest post link in Google plus account contributor section.

Facebook and twitter:

Don’t forget to share your content through the social platforms like Facebook and twitter. This will not only improve your vote count but brings you the traffic which adds a unique traffic source to your website. Respond to your post comments and replies, which will keep them engaging and bring more users to your web content.

Responsive design:

Do your website is compatible for all the versions of browsers? The survey says that the mobile search will overcome the desktop search by 2014. The website with responsive design will earn more market in the mobile industry. Make sure your website design is responsive to all the versions of the browsers on each mobile device.

Don’t ignore other link building:

The most important thing is to make sure to not over doing one thing. As said earlier, Guest posting is the target by the SEO’s since Google has launch devastating updates to its algorithm. Make sure you do not neglect other form of link resources. Get links in the form of Infographics, press-releases, forums and active blog participation.

Welcome 2014:

It’s a new era for all of us ahead, so let’s welcome it by giving the honest and best objectives. I wish you all the very best for your journey of 2014 and hope this tips will help you.

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