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SEO’s Lets take this Quiz!

This post is for the my SEO friends. Looking to determine your level of SEO? Here is the quiz by Moz.com that will get you the idea what level you are. This quiz consist every important factors and topics. Go for it!

Keep posting your score in the comments!

SEO Expert Quiz


0-40% SEO Newbie: You rank on page 7, but are aiming to move up. (Dont worry, you will learn soon)
41-60% SEO Novice: Young, but strong in the ways of the Force, you are. (Get involved in the latest updates)
61-75% SEO Pro: The traffic is pouring in! (You are good SEO! go more in-depth)
76-90% SEO Expert and Formula One race car driver (Experting on your website and got what you want)
91-100% Lord of the Internet, Master of the SEO Realm (You are competitor of Mine)

I scored 90%! its a real quiz and was really hard for me. It took almost 30 minutes. I got 5 question wrong! Some of them are really hard and hard to understand firstly!

my score



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