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Why SEO’s needs to develop into content marketers

I have read many articles saying that SEO is dead or will vanish in next few years, though the case is that I think “SEO is not dead its Evolving”. Yes! You are reading absolutely right. As per the Darwin’s theory of evolution which say “Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations.” from Source Wikipedia. Whereas the evolution in the Search engine optimization is the change in the methods of operation in search engine optimization over improved search engines algorithms.

SEO Content Marketing

It’s very strange to understand the individual predictions given on the search engine optimization future on various platforms. The predictions could be anything but not necessarily the one which will ultimately change the whole concept of online marketing. The meaning of evolution in the search engine optimization is to adapt and optimize as per original necessity of the users. I believe that unless and until there are search engines, SEO can’t be dead. The question is that why and how SEO’s need’s to develop into content marketers of this evolution.

1. Algorithm updates over the years

It is not only a search engine like Google has rolled out the algorithm updates but also other search engines like Yahoo and Bing to improvise their search results for the better user experience. Definitely it is not the case now which was before three years back where there were no major updates rolled out and website used to rank easily. Google has rolled out Panda and Penguin to eat out all the spam and low quality from the search engine results. Especially the algorithm update Panda which is majorly affected the thin content websites. It means that content is as much important as links from other relevant websites. I have observed there are shifts in the traffic and Ranking change during these algorithm updates for my websites and decided to go for the content marketing for the change.

2. Traditional link building is obsolete

When Google has launch its most demonstrative algorithm update called as Penguin which has affected spam and over optimized websites, all the traditional link building which involves the keyword usage has been termed as the most unreliable one’s. As search engines does not give the value or minimize the effect which get by doing traditional link building. I would like to mention one thing that there are some methods which does not need any moderation or approval to get any link publish on the website are the one type of backward links which get the low value or not getting sort of value towards keyword ranking in the search engine results.

3. Benefits to user generated query over keywords

Google has recently launched its biggest algorithm update called Hummingbird and affected over 90% of queries globally. The whole scenario about keyword optimization has changed since then; it’s a clear signal from the Google that there will not be standings for the keyword optimization but for better user experience. Previously it was all about optimization circulating around the keywords. Whether it is on the page or off the page it was intentionally stuffed with the keywords. When a website provide all the information which is made for the user and not for the search engine bot or crawler then that website can get the best out of it to generate traffic and conversions.

4. Importance of Authorship in SERP

Google authorship can be achieved by adding the authorship markup to your website and it will allow your search results of posts with your picture. As Google has already started give importance to the posts with authority and it will also improve click through rate over other listings. The image of any author next to its post or article provides an assurance that the information is given to the user is from someone who has verified its authorship over it.

5. Translation of Page rank into Author rank

Well, Google hasn’t yet published about author rank officially but there have been many discussions over the author rank which is considered as important factor in the search engine rankings. As of now Google has not rolled out its page rank update since February 2013 and recently Matt Cutts hinted that there won’t be any page rank update this year and it will be surprise for him if it does. Thus, there will not be any race for the page rank hence forward. Only thing we need to understand to improve the author rank by producing great unique articles and build good network.

6. Significance of Social signals

Even its is said recently by Matt Cutts that social signals don’t play very important role for the search engine ranking, the influence of its credibility and social awareness provides your website unique visitors which are potential customers. As per the survey the webpage with good social shares in the three major social platforms like Facebook, twitter and Google plus are tend to get rank well in the search engine. My personal experience towards Google plus has been great as there are some improvements in the search engine ranking if the webpage has a good numbers of Google plus ones.

7. Content marketing improves quality and conversions

Definitely I would like to consider content marketing is the major medium to get the best out of your website. My thoughts about the content marketing on the website and off the website for the website help to develop the quality and converting readers into the subscribers and ultimately become your customers. As I mention that content marketing on the website will generate the quality towards the brand building and off the website in the means of social platforms, blogging platforms and guest posting helps to increase the followers and fans.

8. Assist to build Brand authority

Branding is the current need for the small business owners to develop their brand into the world recognized brand. When it comes to the branding, online platforms which helps to boost the reputation of the brand are majorly are content based platforms. Even in the social networks a brand becomes more viral which develops great content and it can be done in various formats. If you see the most successful brands online has the best fan following in their each online platform weather it is on social or on any other blogs. Content marketing was majorly fits into the brand building initially but it has covered all the aspects of online areas.

9. Emerging mobile searches

When it comes to the mobile usage to get the information from the search engines the website owners needs to optimize their website according to the user needs and not particularly for the search engines. This whole change has come from the recent Google update called Hummingbird which makes all the webmasters to reorganize their mobile version. It generally caused the question and answer scenario when user search on the phone. Thus, content optimization for the mobile users need to be done to get the benefits.

I hope you have understood the significance of content marketing and must have started your content marketing strategy. If I forgot to mention any factors which need to be point out then you can mention it in the comments below.

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