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Seven Reasons Why Bloggers Should Maintain And Keep A Journal

journalLeonardo Da Vinci, George Patton and Oprah may not have much in common, but each has a journal to their name. A journal need not only be a teenage girl’s diary although, if we think of Anne Frank we would have to agree that teenager or not, maintaining a journal is excellent practice.

A blogger’s life

Making regular posts, responding to comments, planning future posts and keeping oneself updated on all available information in a niche form a significant part of a blogger’s life. Add to that the fact that blogging is a source of income for many, often a full time business where accounts ought to be maintained, and you have some very good reasons why a blogger should maintain and keep a journal.

Defining a journal

A journal, first and foremost, is personal. When you are unselfconscious about what you are writing, it becomes possible to reach the part of yourself constrained by social norms. We are not talking deep dark secrets, really. Just the fact that you can scribble and doodle and use your worst handwriting while recording the most embarrassingly crazy ideas without a care in the world is the unique benefit of a journal. Keeping a journal also helps you keep your life in perspective and track your progress in black and white (or whatever is your choice of paper and ink).


We have listed below seven specific reasons why bloggers should maintain and keep a journal.

1. Easy networking

In spite of all our gadgets, jotting down an address and a phone number on paper is still not passé. If you are without business cards or if your newest prospect is, tearing a page out of your journal will be surprisingly helpful. Agreed, this is not the most important reason to keep a journal, but the benefit is undeniable. And while we are at it, may we suggest you keep one that is spiral bound or has perforated pages that can be torn off easily.

2. For when inspiration strikes

Keeping your journal with you at all times helps to take notes whenever you find something interesting. Blogging is often about noticing something curious about a situation that others are unaware of and writing a compelling piece on it. When you are waiting at the bus stop, for example, you might notice a ‘composition’ around you perfect for a small, personal post. You can use the journal like an artist uses a sketchbook and take notes for the final work.

3. Being prepared for inspiration leads to inspiration

When you are prepared to take down notes, you are likely to notice more than you do normally. Every moment of your life will be pleasantly utilized in being aware of the world around you – something unique to creative individuals even when they do not actually write or paint or direct films.

4. Maintaining and comparing a To Do List

There is a real need for discipline when no boss is breathing down your neck. If you are blogging seriously whether or not for money, it is important that you plan your day or week. It is also important to compare previous lists and your efficiency in completing the tasks within the respective deadlines. This is a simple method to enhancing something most would consider quite profound: personal growth.

5. Keeping in touch

Going back to the comparison with the artist’s sketchbook once again, it helps to never lose touch with what you are. If you are a blogger, your journal-sketchbook will serve as a gentle reminder of your self-assigned mission in life. This will never stop you from taking breaks when you want to, but will certainly keep you focused.

6. Protecting an idea

Intellectual Property Theft happens. If you maintain a journal it will serve as evidence that you thought of an idea first.

7. Recording business details

Notes and reminders in your journal can help you with your accounting details when you finally get down to them.

You never know how posterity will see you. A journal provides an interesting insight into an individual’s personal world. Your journals could form the research material for a PhD thesis on bloggers! Or your grandchildren might leaf through them in fond remembrance. Either way, it is easy to understand why bloggers should maintain and keep a journal like any other person who wishes to live a meaningful and productive life.

Smith Jason is an online manager for AnySizeBasket.com – which offers steel mesh baskets. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that can help to grow business.

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