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She began to use photo blog!

She so-called “Photo Blog” have almost become redundant. Between the popularity of micro-and, in fact, smart phones have the ability to produce high quality images. Our digital communication has become more and more photo-centric. We spend so much of the content in our digital lives. It seems we have developed a need for it is presented in the simplest and most effective way. Input: photo blog.
photo blog
If you give us the Flickr photo-sharing error, then services, such as the tumblr, yFrog, Instagram even Foodspotting is creating a standard practice.
So how can you get in on the action? There are several basic rules. First of all, it should be said, a photo blog can be anything you want it to be, if you focused on the – you guessed it – photos. These photos can be your own, stop on the web, presented by the user or some combination of the three. Basically, when it comes to photo blog, there are many choices.
1. Pick a Platform
Determine whether the creators, curators or leader?
If you’re motives, just to show their pictures, the social function of time may be low, and the ability to control the list with your pictures is very high. If you are planning an image from the network under an interesting topic, and can be shared is the highest mind. If you are all the package files, then, of course, your blog will benefit from a high degree of social, shares of the platform.
Let us look at the top three free Web-based free platform:
Blogger: is Google’s blog platform, it has a quick and painless setup, easy to edit templates, and basic photo-sharing tools.
WordPress: the view that: high scalability and low society. WordPress is highly customizable and scalable, functional, and it occurs in a lot of beautiful photo blog plug-ins.
tumblr: a simplified, super-social. Like Blogger or WordPress, tumblr is a slight platform – it is a short form at the top of blog tools to create a social network. The tumblr provides a simple setup, intuitive interface, customizable templates, and most importantly, the many social functions. Users can follow each other, “reblog” or share the contents of his blog as a comment or ask questions tumblr. The platform focuses on the frequent re-position the image is the ideal photo blog, and its social function, help to build an audience quickly. The disadvantage is a greater proliferation of control to reduce the use or ownership.
2. Customize
Ask yourself, do you want your audience experience.
Consistency is the key – whether the font of your title or your overall design. Users should know what will happen when they visit your blog. A few key things to consider:
• Always adjust the picture size the same (if possible).
• the title of any credits or as uniform as possible, in language and appearance.
• is consistent with your release schedule. Your fans may like you, but no one loves the feeling of spam. Develop a schedule to accommodate the influx of your content, and for your audience, even down to the day you post.
• Ask yourself if your blog will benefit from features such as comments or questions button. These things will change the look and feel of your blog, and sometimes muddy tone of the blog.
• If you are committed to making the photo blog, to avoid the posts of other media: video, text, audio. This not only changed the look and user experience, but your blog can take away from the narrative.
3. Promotion
how do you want people to find you? Here are some tips:
• Let your audience. If your goal is to get people to share and talk about your blog, try to open lines of communication – involving your audience. More likely to share content that they created in the hand. Consider opening contributions, comments, questions and opportunities for greater participation.
• Share love. It sounds simple, but a little bit of love can be a long way to go. Is a participant in their own world: Characteristics guy in your photo blog blogroll, or if you use tumblr, you can “reblog” content or features work from the blog you like! They may return the favor.
• Attention! Most importantly is monitoring your blog. Know your audience likes and make the appropriate changes. Note how your content can affect your traffic. Please pay attention to what kind of getting reblogged or share photos, and has the best response.

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