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Six Google updates which made it tough for SEO’s to rank well

“Where there’s a will there’s a way” The most suitable saying for the Google since past some of the years. It’s been a series of Google updates those changed the structure of search engine optimization. The fight with the spam is never ending process for the search engines like Google who want to deliver the best for their users. Eventually that made life difficult for the search engine optimizer who concentrate on the Google search engine for the traffic and ranks.

Google Updates

In the early stages in the past of search engine optimization the websites used to rank easily and with less efforts for the targeted keywords. But, this is not the case now; Google has come up with the updates which have changed the traditional way of search engine optimization completely. Below are some of the Google updates which have majorly affected the spam.

1. Personalized web search

Google gave user a search box for personal search and they called it search, plus your world. This personalized web search gives the personal search box which users find their world of online things by combining the people profiles, social networks and public posts which contains the results consisting social links from Google plus, Facebook and twitter which start showing on 10 January 2012.

This personalized web search can be turning off by the user for the original web search. Hence, the number of original results gets replaced with the personal search results which again makes difficult for the search engine optimizer to get in the top of the search engine easily.

2. Google Panda

Websites with thin and less content with delicacy get in the filtration of Google’s new update called “Google panda” release on 23 February 2011. This is the first update which has affected most spam website with duplicate and thin content. It is very clear that Google’s this update has targeted websites which were earning by ranking on Google search engine with scrappy and thin content.

Most of the websites displaying ads above the fold of the page get hit by this update. It’s the concern of Google that displaying ads and redirecting the user to the unwanted website can ruin the user experience. Most of the article directories and blogs with duplicate and scrappy content get affected after this Google update and makes difficult for the optimizer to collect links easily.

3. Google Venice

This update from Google has become important for the local search results on 27 February 2012. This Google update majorly provides the search queries with the results from the localized data to a particular user. Google also added the local listings which take more than 5 local listings on the search engine result page.

Thus ranking on the search engine for the local search queries has become a challenge for the optimizer  Google sets a platform for the users to find the places which they are looking and which are listed with the Google. This is the major Google update made optimizer to think before optimizing any local website.

4. Google Penguin

After Google first major update “Google Panda” there was a shock for the websites which has done spamming and over optimization on April 24 of 2012. This update is called as “Google Penguin”. There will be the filtration from the Google search results for the websites which are over optimized and with crap and duplicate content.

First time Google sending messages to the webmasters for detecting unnatural links found optimized for their websites. This will help to stop the affection of the negative SEO. The keyword usage in the website content and in the anchor text of the link on the other website will be the biggest factor consider in the link building. Hence, the quality and quantity of the link building will take in to consideration by the search engine optimizer.

5. Seven Results SERP

On 14 August 2012 Google release this update which was one of the weird update. There are seven search engine results on the first page instead of ten results. This has been the case for the particular keywords where last three results on the first page of SERP go into second page. This has affected about 18% of the total keywords.

Hence, the number of the search engine results will be less for some search queries and get tough for the optimizer to get rank higher on the first page.

6. EMD update

There was another shock for the optimizer and owners of the domains who used keywords in the domain name. On 27 September 2012, Google releases update called EMD the “Exact Match Domain”.

This Google update has led to the large range devaluation and filtration of the exact match domains for the particular search query. Keyword optimization on a website and presence of it in the domain caused the filtration from the Google search engine. Hence the domain buyers need to think about this Google update before buying and keyword related domain.

So, it is very clear that this Google updates has made it tough for the optimizer to rank their websites. Optimizer need to be smart and selective in terms of search engine optimization as Google will come up with the new updates which again make it tough for the SEO’s. What other updates from Google you think have changed the SEO’s life routine? Give your point of view on this in the comments.

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