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Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon Movie Review

I was very much eager to watch this movie transformers 3 dark of the moon. Once the wait is over I went to the movie theaters to watch this movie. First half is quite smoothly passed with some great action and events. I had feelings that movie was over but then I realized that it’s an interval.


It was the 3D movie and had lots of amazing experience it. Once the second half started the action resume with awesome transforming style. The stunts done from the high sky diving made me shocked and it feels like something very different. Though the comeback of the autobots was the predictable but the last fight has come over it.

The acting from the leading rolls was quite understandable and appreciable. I am very much impressed by the special effect made in this movie which is really fantastic. The movie gets lengthy which is around 150 minutes. I will be looking for the big fight and I got it.

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