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Upgraded Google+ Hangout in Gmail

Today i logged in my Gmail account and found one pop up on the left hand side menu saying “Hangouts in Gmail”. There was this option in Google+ account as this is now upgraded. The options this Hangout gives is now extended to nine people video chat. Google+ hangouts are now getting famous for the Google users. Learn more about Google+ hangouts.

Hangouts in Gmail

The best way for friends to get together online and share their expressions and voice online. Most of the time there are limits when it comes to video chat and not it has been extended to nine people video chat in single Hangout. Isn’t it amazing! I would like to invite my friends for this newly upgraded Google Hangout.

Hangouts in Gmail 2

Day by day Google and Facebook is giving more and more options to the users to get interact and engage to their sites. though the competition is on the edge between Facebook and Google while Facebook in now making entry to the search as well which is called as Facebook graph search. On the other hand Google improving its service and upgrade so that the users wont divert to the new Facebook innovations.

Well, updates will be the factors for this two giants to be on the top. Users will have both to test and then decide to stay with the best. Have a great time with this new upgrade by Google.

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