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What online methods can bring the best results for your website?

Before we start on the further explanation on online methods just want ask you one question. What is the term stands for the best results for your website?

It could be conversions, sells and subscribers for your website. These conversions and sell only happens when your website visited by users frequently. The important thing to consider here is that the relevancy of the website to the users.

Online Methods

User will only convert into sell or anything on the website, when you website is providing the relevant solutions to the users.

I want to emphasis on the three important areas as social media marketing, online reputation management and search engine optimization. These are the major specific areas where website needs to be optimized in order to get specific targeted users.

1. Social Media Marketing

Your website has to be socially attached as the Google has already release the update with the algorithm which filters sites for the un-natural link building. Thus, social links will be the first one to be earned to make the link table looks natural.

Facebook & twitter

As we know that there are almost every business is listed in the Facebook and twitter, the potential customers can be converted from it. Make sure your website has a business page on Facebook and twitter account.

In order to convert those users in to the customers you need to build up the fans and followers for your business on these social accounts. Regular engagement with the users is the key to unlock the complete profit from these networks.

Google Plus

I read most of the time regarding the ranking factors included Google plus. Though, some says it is not really impact-able to the search engine rankings. My consideration here for the Google plus is that to establish the network for your website and get the best out of it.

Google + is growing fast since it has picked a pace in last some years. Recently Google has launched the hash tag search and show search result pages to show Google plus posts.

The user count has crossed one billion in the end of 2013 for Google plus. Hence, you should consider it a platform where you can get your customers out of the users which will follow your business.

2. Online Reputation Management

After a series of Panda and Penguin updates from Google, it has been cleared that spam techniques to improve the ranks has perished.  You should know how to avoid manipulative optimization techniques which can harm your website. The ultimate strategy to build the website presence online is the online reputation management.


The buzz around online platforms is to develop your business into a big brand. In order to get the best for your business you need to treat your business as a brand and monetize things accordingly.

I usually create profiles on the famous online platforms for a business to promote itself. This is majorly done in the form of web 2.0, micro blogs and other content based platforms.


The way to promote your business is to mention your brand name everywhere in the famous online platforms. This can be done in the form of text, link or images. You can set alerts for your brand name as you can later send the request to add a link to it.

Make sure you optimize your online profiles and properties with your brand name wherever needed. Mention of your brand name on the other online platforms will help your brand to grow and increases domain authority.

3. Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the challenging tasks and the most effective if it’s done properly. I mostly concentrate on this method as firstly it brings visitors on free of cost. The effect of this method is last long. Well, the effect will last long until & unless Google again change the algorithms on periodically to overcome new manipulative optimization techniques. Though, it depends on the optimization technique and the one which is secure future proof for the business.

Content Marketing

The era of search engine optimization has been transform in to a content marketing in the last few years. Read my post regarding why SEO’s needs to become content marketers for the detailed explanation.

The ultimate change in the techniques of the search engines has been replaced by the content marketing. Since, to promote your business as a brand to the other platforms need to be done in the form of content.

The best way to promote your brand in terms of content marketing is to guest posting. Though there are few things which needs to be followed before doing guest posting. Make sure you check out those factors before proceedings.  Read my tips for successful guest posting to ensure the things are on the right place & effective.

There are many methods like email marketing, pay per click, affiliate marketing etc. will brings you visitors but they are paid most of the times.

It’s your turn now to add your review on the above mention methods. I would like to see if you add any method which can bring the best results for your website.

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