Why Author Rank is important SEO in 2013

author rankMany of us have seen the Google search results with the author photos and details of Google plus. This Major change of the Google search rankings has made an impact on the users and the click through ratio of other results.

What is Author Rank?

Its a ranking of author on the internet world. This determines the value of the author content and reputation. Currently its not measuring in any format but it might come in near future.

How to go for Author rank?

Every author of an certain blog or websites in order to go for Author rank needs a Google plus profile. This Google plus profile has to be interlinked with the blog or website where author is updating the content to get Author information in search results. Once its done then it can be checked in the Google webmaster’s rich snippet tool. After verifying the authorship with the Google you need to share your content on Google plus and other social networks. The content has to be very good and unique which gets more attraction and response. In time of span the authorship will have certain reputation and Author rank.

Why Author rank is important SEO in 2013?

As the traditional link building activities has been De-valuated by Google as it can cause spam. There are some methods which are still effective in terms of Google search rankings. But those methods are very difficult to implement and needs lots of time such as guest posting. Building a good author rank and using that for the websites for the SEO will be the key factor in the SEO in 2013. Google now a days rank results with the good authorship websites which makes an impression that this has a good effect. So Build a good reputed Author rank for your website and blogs which will help in guest posting and SEO in 2013.

Checkout the Infographic by BlueGlass for the total Author rank understanding:

AuthorRank Infographic

infographic design by BlueGlass Interactive.

Image source: http://www.itechcode.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/google-author-rank-2012.png

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